The days are getting longer and so is the amount of music in our New & Notable series. There is so much moving, original music being produced right now. It’s inspiring. With music from all over the geographical and musical map, this doozy of a N&N will have you crying, dancing and thinkin’ about life all at the same time. Enjoy kittens.


South Korea

Inspired by the countless proms of the 70s and 80s, Black has composed a track that tugs at our emotions that are tied to the past. We dare you not to sway to this summer breeze of a song.

Of Noah


Waves of drone and reverb wash this track out while the pained yelling brings you back into the fold. We don’t mind the isolation when it’s this personal.


United Kingdom

This is not a Christmas song. And thank god because we’re over that.O Holy Night consists of a plethora of guitar feedback playing the harmonic progression from the piece, this was then deconstructed using a multitude of saturation and overdrive effects, part of which serve as an homage to the cold and frigid atmospheres of the early 90’s Norwegian black metal scene.

Similar Fashion

United States

Similar Fashion is an avant-rollercoaster-jazz-n-roll band from Los Angeles. The band combines kinetic compositions with intense and joyous singing, interlocking grooves, lush landscapes, and dancing.

Cautious Clay

United States

Just shy of 3 minutes, “Juliet & Caesar” packs a quick punch. With powerfully layered vocals, celestial synths, and a rolling melody, “Juliet & Caesar” is a richer, fuller sounding track than Clay’s previous singles. Showcasing his production talents, sax skills, and sharp lyricism, “Juliet & Caesar” is a gospel-twinged masterpiece in its own right.

Klangriket & Sjors Mans


Fabian Rosenberg (Klangriket) and Sjors Mans have produced this opus of minimal composition when the two met and recorded in Amsterdam. The legend goes that Rosenberg packed a small bag and set out on the treacherous journey, taking inspiration from the movements of the work around him. This can never be recreated. 



ESSS deliver an array of sounds on their latest EP. Electro down tempo 80s synths meet 70s funk and modern dark techno builds. The opening track “Berlingot” will no doubt take dance floor by surprise as layered synths, kick drums and bass descend into a new wave banger.


United States

Mixing a rich baritone with future R&B whilst referencing her loyalty to karma and faith, this is a stark and infectious call to arms to do something before it’s over. Gorgeous, floral and layered with lilting guitar flecks as well as snappy percussion, this is a timely and necessary injection of a very special artist. 

Laconic Zero


Utilizing Commodore 64 programming combined with a heavy wall of distorted bass, Laconic Zero produce complex dagger-stabs of metal-driven chiptunes. 


United States

Nadoyel, Russian for Enough, plays with textures and soundscapes that we can’t get enough of. Sampling and collaging music from all over the map, Nadoyel will have you going back over her music a dozen times with a fine-tooth comb to try and pick everything apart.