For this edition of New & Notable, it’s videos only. The list runs the full gamut of styles and they all come with a bit of eye candy. Special shoutout to Berlin locals, Robot.



Described as an arty-thump of melody & bombast, Detroit quintet VSTRS are releasing their second LP – Pandemonium Seesaw – on November 4. The full-length was recorded at the renowned Tempermill Studio. An outlet for improv and collaboration between like-minded Detroit area musicians that began in 2013, VSTRS tend to defy the gloomy haze of psych rock, and instead lean more towards the cinematic nature of art-rock.

The Three Five Sevens


“We are probably too old to be playing this music!” – We beg to differ. For fans of Bauhaus.



British expat Robbie A.J. Moore, based in Berlin, is already back with his second album within a year. Whereas the debut, 33., was a meticulous study in finely tuned songwriting, its follow-up is an untamed beast revved up on rock ‘n’ roll blood – less prim and more primal.

The Bare Minimum


This one made the cut because of the the nostalgic chords it struck, taking us back to listening to Fat Wreck Chords compilations in our high school bedrooms.

The Sullen




Dreamy psych from Germany.