On this episode of New & Notable, Schmutz takes you from furthest reaches of space disco to the most intimate of shoe gazing sessions. Please fasten your seatbelts and enjoy the ride.

Dee D. Jackson

Hidden on a secret moon base since 1978, the Italo-Disco legend returns with “Meteor Man”.


‘Fade Away’ is the latest release by Israeli artist Omer Goren AKA Electrockrat.


A favorite on KEXP, check out the Russian artist’s ‘Do You Know How’.


Last month Leggy were on the New York Time’s list of bands with women who are dominating rock and roll!


The new track from Berlin based ambient artist Belorusia.


Dark, unnerving, and uncomfortable musically, the song tackles themes of isolation, escapism, and fulfilment only to be found in dreams.


‘Cities’ is the first single to be taken from the forthcoming EP ‘North Circular’. Yukka is the solo project of London based electronic musician Jacob Mayfield, formerly of alt-pop duo Victoria & Jacob.


First Light is an ambient piece featuring prophet 08 synthesizer as the main source of sound.


…is a feast of warm reverb, dreamy soundscapes, and a hazy vast panorama, a reminder that shoegaze has a lot of soul in each layer of its intricate form.”


Melodicism and classical flavors converge in the brooding sound on trip-hop trio Sheers’ new track ‘All Will Be New’.