Music is our lifeblood. Our marrow. Our mana. Our romantic relationships never last because our partners can’t handle living in the shadow of our one-and-only bae: music.  In our daily struggle to keep you informed, we come across more new talent than one could shake a stick at. So much so, that it would be criminal to not help it reach you eager listeners.  Check out our list of favorite discoveries from the last month, in what is the first of an ongoing series. With any luck, we’ll get them on a stage in Berlin real soon.

Jo Marches

Utrecht outfit Jo Marches is led by singer-songwriter, Johanneke Kranendonk and with EP’s produced by David Hoogerheide and mixed by Baskerville’s Thijs van der Klugt, her music blends sophisticated pop, psychedelic rock and electronica to blissful effect.

Jo Marches’ latest single ‘Breaks My Heart’ is an intoxicating concoction that is equal parts dream pop and eerie electronica. The track opens with lurching synths that drive vocalist Johanneke Kranendonk’s graceful tone into motion.

From: The Netherlands


‘Entertainment Tonight’ is the first single released from TEST’s recent debut LP, BRAIN IN / BRAIN OUT, released on 11/10.

‘Entertainment Tonight’ was an attempt at writing an Oasis song that ended up sounding like the 1990s covering the Pixies, to me anyway. The lyrics all came at once and touch on everything from my love of getting fucked up in the mid 00s to my career as a child actor in the 90s. And it’s got a drum solo. – vocalist Blake Stokes

From: US

Summer Like The Season

‘Ryuci’ is a collaboration with Agor of the duo Blue Hawaii. It is about losing trust in a friend.

From: US

Canton Synths

‘Fake News’ was written out of frustration with the MSM over their relentless pro-war bias and their misrepresentation and smearing of progressive political candidates, chiefly Jeremy Corbyn and Bernie Sanders.

From: UK

Silent Strike

‘The Edge’ is the 3rd single out of Silent Strikes new album, released 01/09/2017 on German label Motor Music. Vocals by regular singer EM. Cinematic, dark, analogue electronica with a catchy and outstanding voice/melody.

From: Romania

The Curls

Chicago’s art rock four piece, The Curls, present their impressive new release, ‘i can’t tell u.’ The track sounds like a mixture of Deer Hoof and The Go-Go’s, combining large ensemble instrumentation, catchy lyrics, and unique female harmonies to produce complete sonic elation.

From: US

Speakman Sound

Brand new Glastonbury production duo Speakman Sound team up with Frankie Forman for the palliative psychedelic dance stylings of latest single: ‘Warm.’

From: UK


After enjoying some radio play on BBC6Music, Novelistme returns with this new album that shows a real progression in sound, variety and production values.

From: UK

John Moose

‘Round’ is a story about the cyclicals aspects of relationships, depicted through the portrait of quantum entanglement. It’s not a love story, but a story about belonging.

From: Sweden

Lindblom & Lindblom

In 6.5 brief minutes Lindblom & Lindblom pack in everything one could ask for from a noise rock record of this particular pocket of the sub-genre in the late mid-2010s. It is also a reminder that instrumental music can be both complexly layered and textured as well as firmly rooted in punk and with a sense of humour shining through.

From: Sweden