Our house plants are dying, the glühwein is flowing and what don’t stop? The tunes don’t stop. With our sixth edition of New & Notable, we’re bringing you bangers from all over the world. Enjoy and we’ll see you on the other side.

Jerry Gari


Jerry Gari is bringing you the funk straight outta Portland, OR. Let his flavor of R&B wash over you and heat your after party moods.

Marco Varvello


‘Calling’ was previously performed as piano solo composition, then produced with electronics for this release. “Its evocative sound brings me to call it ‘film music’, even if it’s not set to film. Hope you can appreciate it.” -Marco

Phoebe Dubar


The first single released under her own moniker, ‘Pushing On’ showcases Dubar’s evocative vocals over a blend of layered retro analog synths. Condensed Milk co-founder Amin Payne’s production pays meticulous tribute to bygone decades, interpolating warm chord stabs with thumping live bass and bubbling arpeggios.

Deep Sea Peach Tree


A bit of surf, a bit of slacker pop. A little ditty that’s sure to brighten your cold hearts this winter season. Be sure to catch Deep Sea Peach Tree when they’re playing in yer town!



Copenhagen-based producer Sonny is a recent addition to the musical output of the Danish capital city. This release sees newcomer Sonny fuse elements of jazz with electronica, reflecting modern soundscapes.

Non-Functional Harmony

United Kindom (Berlin based)

Non-Functional Harmony is a Berlin-based producer/composer. Second EP ‘Worries’ explores themes of how the individual relates to their local and global environment through techno-influenced, ambient, glitchy, leftfield electronica.



Yul is a virtually hyperactive artist with countless collaborations. As co-­manager of Pikimup records, composer and sound designer for TV, films, radio fictions and installations, he has also worked in theater productions. His label RESISTE offers an ambitious range of audiovisual productions for the near future.



HBRD is a Berlin-based Italian electronic music duo. The instrumentation used mixes analog + digital, electronic + electric instruments: guitars, bass, drum machines, analog tape, synthesizers, dj-decks and vocals. The band members are producer Enrico Tiberi and dj-musician Gianluca Gulino.



This new track “Darker” by Portland 11-piece Typhoon has just premiered in the UK at The Line of Best Fit, who called it “epic” and said their new forthcoming album “Offerings” is “their most ambitious yet.” It’s already sold-out its initial 1000 copy ltd edition vinyl, and shows in the UK and EU are selling out fast.



“Sky Walker” is the lush manifestation of primitive electronic and dream pop. A tragic sci-fi romance. They also win the Schmutz prize for the best song title and reference.