New Moon is where we aggregate our latest finds from across the globe and musical spectrum, all so you can catch up on what’s good at a glance. As always, you can find all of these artists and others in our regularly updated New Moon playlist on Spotify.



“Room With A View is the title of a show built on the collaboration of the collective La Horde, the French electronic music producer Rone and the Châtelet Theatre in Paris, which took place in early March 2020 initially for 10 performances. Although the show was stopped in the middle of the week of performances due to the measures imposed by the Coronavirus health crisis, the first performances were a public and critical success, which today opens the doors to a diffusion outside the doors of the Theatre and abroad.”

This clip brings a fresh look at the choreographic piece “Room With A View“, an independent work that also retraces the origins of the project. It’s like a gasp for air from the creative worlds that were most devasted by the COVID pandemic: music, theater, and dance.


United States

Undine is a top-shelf bottle of distilled nostalgia. The lo-fi psychedelia is like surfing waves of warped tapes or getting caught in the gravitational orbit of Adrastea, the moon to which the track is dedicated. It would be downright weird if this wasn’t included in our New Moon list.


United States

“Oakland-based abracadabra creates unconventional pop music that shoots for the ’60s but lands in the ’80s.” abracadabra has officially cast a spell on us. Disguised as just another dream pop track, “Cherry Soda” distinguishes itself with a hodgepodge of influences, charisma, and attitude sans pretentiousness. We’re reminded of other mainstays in our bedroom pop collection like Sasami, Fenster, and Carla dal Forno.



“This song was recorded and filmed on the deck of a dilapidated beach shack.” This is essentially how we imagine all Australian DIY projects. In a world that is woefully chocked full nonsense, Terrificus is delivering no-nonsense punk from the shores of New South Wales.



Calcou is a prolific producer from right here in Berlin. His background in jazz and funk seep into his downtempo productions and may remind listeners of other Berliner stalwarts like Neils Frahm and Pantha du Prince.

House on the Strand

United Kingdom

“Inspired by visual artist Julian Rosefedlt’s photo series of the same name, After Us echos the same values as a warm, hypnotic lament on the future of the planet and humankind.” The UK producer is appearing from relative obscurity and showing lots of promise for what’s to come.

Julia Clara

Åland Islands

We realize that this column is called ‘New Moon’, but we’re still sometimes late to the party. Though the track is a year old, Julia Clara’s brand of dark chamber pop is still worth every bit of your attention. We’re stoked on the discovery and now curious to hear what else is going on in the Åland Islands.



Playful disco-pop from stylish French kids — what’s not to like? Arche ticks a lot of boxes and seems to have fun while doing it. The summer love ballad is lots of fun, though it makes me regret not having better hobbies when I was a teenager. Fans of Metronomy and Juniore, look no further.

Varsity Star

United States

Another repeat offender on New Moon, Varsity Star creates the kind of electronica that has plenty of replay potential. Melancholic synth lines, lulling pads, and glitchy drum breaks for every occasion.



“Being surrounded by Bollywood music, Classical Arab music, Persian Music, Chinese music and all the offerings of MTV and western radio in my upbringing has allowed me to synthesize these different styles into electronic music.” Alowbelow packs a lot into his dense tracks, which, despite the eastern influences, will hold their own against other contemporary western glitch and EDM. With such a strong first release, we’re looking forward to what’s to come.