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New Moon is where we aggregate our latest finds from across the globe and musical spectrum, all so you can catch up on what’s good at a glance. This particular edition kicks off with a few good grabs from our various kinfolk around Deutschland, including one from our own backyard in Neukölln. As always, you can find all of these artists and others in our regularly updated New Moon playlist on Spotify.



FRAGIL continues to bear the torch of minimal electro that was first lit by their Düsseldorfian forefathers. The experimental project born in an art academy doesn’t seem concerned with adhering to labels or genres, but to get an idea, think Die Doraus und Die Marinas providing the soundtrack to What We Do in the Shadows.

das bisschen totschlag (feat. canelonely)


“Das bisschen Totschlag is all about the beauty of vulnerability in the Digital Age and the ever more apparent fact that nothing really matters.” This melancholic number is an edit of the closing track from their first LP. As the remix is stylistically a bit different from the original album, you can expect a sound closer to Sean Nicholas Savage or Homeshake from the LP.

Minimal Schlager


The Berliner local family band is coming out of quarantine to flaunt their strong genes in tight jeans. Their cover of Pixies’ “Hey” serves as an aptly-titled call for attention, letting you know their debut album is on its way and that you should be hyped about it. Don’t let the name fool you — you can expect maximum bangers.

Treasure of Grundo

The Netherlands

A fitting name for a diamond in the ruff, Treasure of Grundo fuses elements of ambient, post-rock, and shoegaze into their unique bedroom productions. “Idzalence Döfèr” is a slow build that keeps you guessing throughout.

Death Hags

United States

While many of us will look back on this quarantine and only have some completed puzzles or sourdough experiments to show for it, others are churning out quality music. Burger Records is capitalizing on this and releasing a compilation album, Songs From Self-isolation, featuring (among others) Death Hags with their beach pop ballad, “OFF/ON (Don’t Give in to Fear)”. Happy to see Death Hags back on New Moon after some time away.

Cables for Clouds


Ottawa’s Cables for Clouds is here to ruin your positive attitude. “Rain on Your Day” is a progressive and moody instrumental composition for synth nerds longing for the Nine Inch Nails era of Alessandro Cortini.


United States

Goldstagger gives all indications of being the next big thing, complete with catchy hooks, impassioned vocals, and a sense of sincerity conveying that they really believe in their sound. It’s the beefy, fuzz distortion that has made us certified believers.


United States

Showalter is broody, thoughtful, and sullen shoegaze-folk — perfect for anxious times such as these.



DISCHAAAGEEE takes the medal for this edition’s wild card. The Japanese solo artist can only be characterized by his flagrant lack of characterization, weaving together the influence of disco, post-punk, and electro to create something that sounds like Wesley Willis covering Tom Tom Club.