Attempting to stay abreast on new music can be downright exhausting, which is why we started New Moon. New Moon is where we aggregate our latest finds from across the globe and musical spectrum, all so you can catch what’s good at a glance. We’re wrapping up the month of August with a list of fresh tunes to get you through the final days of summer. Keep an eye on our Spotify channel, where we compile monthly playlists out of everything you find here.

American Wolf

United States

Bedroom/dream pop with a penchant for beefy synth, American Wolf is a cool breeze coming out of the windy city. For fans of Tycho and infectiously catchy hooks.



Another solo artist with a deceivingly big sound, Vilde shows off his soulful falsetto range on this haunting synth pop track. If we absolutely had to relate this to any existing artists, we’d have to settle on something between Thom Yorke and alt-J.


United Kingdom

With Rapt, we’re bringing it down a bit. Despite hailing from the UK, his brand of somber and ethereal folk sounds truly Cascadian – so shout out to the fellow Grouper fans.


United Kingdom

A band after our own heart, Laundrette leans on elements of post-punk, shoegaze, and drone, creating something that is both beautiful and innovative. If you’re a fellow fan of slow builds, Laundrette is happy to reward your patience with eclectic timbres and dramatic resolutions.

She Past Away


Here’s a new track to warm the cold hearts of goth kids around the world. Theirs is a style with rare surprises, but that’s not why we listen to them. Listening to She Past Away is about doing the two-step while chain-smoking and trying to look sad, but not so sad that you smear your eyeliner. But really, we’re stoked to see them coming out with a new album after a 4-year break.

Remington Super 60


No frills, feel-good dream pop track out of Norway, though it paints the picture of being on a road trip in the Bay Area. Remington Super 60 has actually been around for a couple of decades, working as a sort of collective with just a couple core members. As their first taste of original music in some years, we’re looking forward to what’s to come.

Theo Bard

United Kingdom

Poor, poor Theo. It seems he was traumatized by the experience of overhearing his parents having sex in the next room. In all seriousness, Forget is a hypnotic homage to a past relationship and the stings of recovery, one that is highly relatable and hard to get out of your head. A bit ironic, given its title.


United States

Romanticism is so raw that it’s nearly a parody of itself. While borrowing hard from the 90s R&B aesthetic (all the way down to the album artwork), it is coated with the melancholic veneer of this decade’s electronic music – think Spooky Black and early Usher.



Big bass and low grooves from this Latin producer and DJ, which we find highly reminiscent of Andy Stott. While not everyone likes to be compared to other artists, this is one of the highest compliments we can give, as they’re both dabbling in uncharted territory.

Kip LaVie

United States

Much love for novel sounds from our personal stomping ground. Kip LaVie uses heavy layering of samples and live instruments to create vibes in lieu of conventional genres, though distinct jazz training can be heard. The result is something akin to Bonobo and Flying Lotus, which has us onboard.