Attempting to stay abreast on new music can be downright exhausting, which is why we started New Moon. New Moon is where we aggregate our latest finds from across the globe and musical spectrum, all so you can catch what’s good at a glance. We’re wrapping up the month of July with a list of fresh tunes to get you through the final days of summer. Keep an eye on our Spotify channel, where we compile monthly playlists out of everything you find here.

Hideous Sun Demon


Literal, relatable, and unabashedly Australian, Hideous Sun Demon will likely land well with fans of The Chats or Amyl & the Sniffers. This anthem for the anxious has become a staple in our setlists at the various smokey bars of Berlin.


United States

No laughing matter, Mwahaha is Bay Area indie-electro for fans of Tanlines and Depeche Mode. Sundown comes to us off of their second full-length, which is due in September and is hopefully packing more that is just as infectious.

Iñigo Montaya


We’ll admit it: we’re suckers for anything with analog synth sounds and French vocals. Regardless, Mon Amour Abandonnique is objectively all killer / no filler, with every successive section containing a new hook. This should go down well with fans of Claire Laffut, Yeasayer, and maybe even Jon Talabot.


United States

Coming out of relative obscurity is three9four. Their track, Let MeBe Me, seamlessly blends elements of house and tropicalia, creating something that has real staying power and fits a variety of situations, be it in der Club or an der Couch.


United States

This fresh cut from Duckwrth tells the story of a man on the run, leaving only a middle finger in his wake towards to the infamous bank lenders of Sallie Mae. The track itself erratically jumps between dreamy arpeggios and the frenetic verses of NoMBe.


Israel / Berlin

Always happy to include some hometown heroes in the mix. Rotating Objects comes to us off the aptly-titled recent release from Ubiquitous, Ephemeral Environments. One of the countless talented Berlin-based musicians, Ubiquitous perfectly captures the eerie zeitgeist of the city with bassy synths and erratic, bitcrushed rhythms.


United States

5thPlanet combines retro synths and infectious grooves to keep the ball rolling with the resurgence of 80s electro. Glimmers of Kraftwerk shine through, with evident influence of contemporaries like Copy and Aphex Twin present throughout.



The Scandi answer to Ed Schrader’s Music Beat and Ought, Jørgen Frydstad (aka Frystads Markiser) is as genuine as it is angsty. Despite what the title suggests, he kept our attention for the entire minute and half duration of the track.


United Kingdom

Hypnotizing acoustic soundscapes from the brand new UK artist. Armed with a Charango guitar and amble reverb, Absenté will lull you into a deep slumber after just a couple minutes.


United States

Wrapping it up today is a dose of heartfelt chamber pop from LA-based singer/songwriter, Frogi. Time is a captivating ballad that reminds us of a perfect marriage between FKA Twigs and Beth Jeans Houghton. Let us know if you agree.