Most music genres prefaced with ‘Euro,’ provide the listener with a pungent serving of auditory fromage. However, ‘Mucho,’ the debut EP from self-proclaimed “Europunk” trio Bechamel, turns out to be a calorie-dense and versatile roux for the ears. The record’s ten tracks  journey across four languages, visiting various corners of the DIY punk sound along the way.

Mucho was “created underneath the pavement of Neukölln” and the feeling of the neighborhood really comes through. Tracks like ‘Koma’ and “Crispr” have a driving punk sound that makes me want to drink beers and punch the air in a dark and sweaty venue – perhaps a former dentist’s office or travel agent’s. The album’s cover art also brings to mind some classic Neukölln nice times.

‘Steuerklasse 666’ was probably my favourite track on the album, as it strikes a personal chord. It doesn’t require a native German speaker to understand the track is the product of countless frustrations with German bureaucracy. The calm start and manic outro were very relatable and mimic precisely the emotions one goes through when filing taxes. ‘Je ne sais pas’ was another standout track with a chant-a-long hook and the post-punk chorus guitar sound that I can’t get enough of.

Mucho was released on August 31st on Berlin’s Blank Records and you can pick up a copy on vinyl and digital from their Bandcamp.