What’s Your Damage?

Released: June 23, 2019

by | Jun 27, 2019

They’ve smashed their way into the Berlin guitar scene with a demanding sound and razor-sharp style; the music of Jealous feels like a combination of red lipstick and knives.

Jealous is an all-women punk band with Paz Bonfil on guitar and vocals, Dane Joe on bass and vocals, and Alice Huet on drums.

Their songs are fast and powerful, fusing punk with elements of psyche, garage, and even some country – bass slide and everything. Jealous has taken all the bits from different genres that they like and made it into their own sound.

Each of their songs are injected with screeching guitar, pumping drums, harmonized hooks that don’t let go, and a bass that kicks like the bloody boot on their album cover.

The three-piece has consistently been churning out fiery live shows, recently touring alongside Australian punk outfit Amyl and the Sniffers. Their sets literally move you ‘til you forget how heavy your Doc Martins actually are.

Released June 23 through Baby Satan Records, Jealous debut EP What’s Your Damage has captured the energy of their live sets, something that many punk bands can struggle to do.

In What’s Your Damage, the recordings are animated, lively and gently mixed with just the right amount of imperfect; an amp hums in a guitar break on ‘Cowboy “Kelly” Katastrophe,’ the EP’s second song which concludes with Bonfil and Joe screaming, deep breathing, and cracking a laugh.

These touches remind you that the songs are recordings of specific times with real people living in them, and not just melodies coming out of a speaker. You can feel the artist’s personalities come through – they’re not hiding behind a wall of production techniques, which is a nice point of difference in a city already full to the brim with incredible producers and DJs.

Written into the EP are “songs about serial killers, strange drug experiences, the weather, and a need to not be sorry for being human and flawed.” It’s a celebration of life; the real and the sometimes messy.

What’s Your Damage is a great and confident first release from a band that knows how they want to sound and who they want to be.