The appeal for Homeshake seems obvious, especially on a blazing spring evening in Berlin. Lido was packed with swaying floral button ups, sun-dazed expressions and an eagerness to hear the Montreal-based headliner. Aldous RH opened and said hello to the crowd by mentioning how their 9 hour drive was worth it. Berlin seemed to agree when we submitted to the frontman’s request for everyone to take a seat together. The pairing was ideal: the band mixes bedroom pop with 90’s R&B in a way that somehow still sounds fresh.


Peter Sagar, the man behind Homeshake, wore sunglasses and maintained a nonchalant stage presence for the entire set. The four musicians worked their way through crowd pleasers, building up hype within an already excited room. Three songs before it would all end Sagar mentioned,

“We’re going away for a year.”

Here’s to hoping the absence will be to work on a fourth album. We’re all ready for more R&B-soaked stoner synth days.


Homeshake came through Berlin in large part due to Puschen. Be sure to check their other shows coming up this summer…

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Colette is a freelance writer based in Berlin. She likes Turkish psych rock, wandering, data sculptures, and white sauce.  For more Colette, visit here