Gym Tonic are back with their debut LP and first release since their ‘2017 split,’ with Berlin’s PUFF. ‘Good Job’ is a 10 track album of energetic synth-punk bangers that the band keep interesting with shreddin’ synth solos, obscure lyrics and well composed melodies. Unlike some punk LPs, which can drag a bit, this album maintains it’s energy and keeps things varied from start to end.

Tourist of Death, the only song with male vocals, is an instant classic. Despite the morbid name, the track is super-upbeat with a catchy synth-line and chorus that I know will be stuck in my head for weeks. “Hiroshima” is another stand out track – an emotional slower-jam that is noticeably different from the other 9 tracks and which provides a welcome pause at the halfway mark of the album.

Gym Tonic are playing on the Saturday of this year’s ‘Synästhesie festival,’ – if Youtube comments are to be trusted, then it’s going to be “straight banging”.