Fun Fare’s new album drops today on Berlin label, Späti Palace. Check it out and catch them live at Kantine am Berghain tomorrow.

More about Fun Fare, courtesy of Späti Palace:

FUN FARE is the experimental pop laboratory of Friedrich Günther, Julia Boehme, Joseph Heinze and Jakob Zander, which hails from Leipzig. In combining and distilling their respective influences they are constantly withdrawing from all possible expectations and presumptions. Krautrock meditations are interrupted by synth-pop intermezzi and bathed in waves of post-punk without laying false or random trails. It’s more like an experiment under controlled conditions or an elaborate construction that is spontaneous and playful. In the autumn of 2015, Fun Fare recorded their debut album „Wrong Gong“, which was released in February 2016 via Hartnack Records and played shows with CandelillaSoft GridFriends Of Gas and Priests. Recently they released a split tape with Berlin post-punk band Plattenbau via Flennen and at the Trans Century Update Festival in UT Connewitz in Leipzig shared the stage with John MausAlex Cameron and Thurston Moore Group among others.

„Trifles & Events are your Concern“ revolves around themes of departure, development, uncertainty and coincidence. They found the mysterious and bulky album title in a fortune cookie and in a way it was true – as it happens with these kind of predictions – in terms of eventfulness being a central topic in how they are working as a band as well as everything else they are interested in. The artwork by Pia Christmann (Studio Pandan, Berlin) deals with that as well, showing a mutual friend of the band in her teenage years during holidays on a ferry and speaking of intermediate states and open, uncertain paths. Although „Trifles & Events Are Your Concern“ sounds vigorous when said out loud, the album itself is afflicted with a severity and darkness of the same kind Fun Fare already presented in their previous releases. The troubles and doubts which other bands tend to soften in a haze of nostalgic dream-pop, are presented in all their candour. Melodies and rhythms aim directly for the jugular while the confronting lyrics and their detached delivery produce a disquieting anxiety.