Envy and Svalbard played at Bi Nuu to a sold-out audience in Berlin on 17 December thanks to Vertikal Concerts. When I took these pictures, I initially wondered why I didn’t get any elbows or knees to the back. When I finally turned around, I saw people moved to tears, all by themselves, sunken in awe, in an atmosphere that only a band as cinematically emotional as Envy could create. I felt like dancing on the debris of my teenage angst. Most of the people at the crowded show – much like myself – likely knew the band’s discography for the better part of their 20+ year band history. While aging as an influential hardcore band is not an easy task, one can be glad that founding member and iconic frontman, Tesuya Fukagawa, didn’t leave the band for good and is back with fresh blood, a broken heart, and arms wide open.