The ever sassy, increasingly political and world-weary Dan Bejar, aka Destroyer, is back with a new album entitled ken. Packed with loaded oneliners, the smoothest sax since Kenny G. and a sort of posh isolation, Schmutz is very pleased to be hearing this new effort from the wilds of Vancouver B.C.

The first single and the opening track, ‘Sky’s Grey,’ is a track that could have been pulled straight off of Bejar’s beautiful 2011 effort Kaputt. An almost spoken word/poetry reading feel at the start that drifts perfectly into the sleazy 90s yacht rock that we’ve come to know and from Bejar. The sexy sleaze of ‘Sky’s Grey’ is a perfect precursor for second track (and a bit of foot stomper by Destroyer terms), ‘In The Morning.’ A song about wanting a sexual experience to be good and then seeing the reality of the situation the next morning. A concept most everyone can relate to.

The second single from ken, ‘Tinseltown Swimming in Blood’ is where we’re really treated to some smooth horn, dreamy synth and the melancholic poetry Bejar has always broken our hearts with. You know he knows what he’s doing when he lyrically ends the song with “I was a dreamer, watch me leave” and leaves the song to float away into the stratosphere.

On late album slow burner (as if all the tracks aren’t slow burners) ‘Rome’ feels like it could replace the song ‘Take My Breath Away” as Top Gun‘s love making theme. But when you take a closer listen, you might not want to throw this one on right before your sexy flight school teacher comes over for a night of passion. I don’t think, no matter how open minded your flight school teacher might be, that they would be into Dan Bejar crooning “You’re a doornail. You’re dead, you’re dead” through the speakers of your southern Californian bungalow. But you know what they say… “Do as the Romans do.”

It is our great honor to present Destroyer at Festsaal Kreuzberg on November 17th. This show is presented along with our good friends and frequent collaborators, Puschen. We have some tix for you to win right here!

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