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New Moon is where we aggregate our latest finds from across the globe and musical spectrum, all so you can catch up on what’s good at a glance. As always, you can find all of these artists and others in our regularly updated New Moon playlist on Spotify.

Dead Finks


Dead Finks comes to us from our own backyard here in Berlin, though the new names in garage-punk are relatively fresh off the boat from Australia. Their full-length, which was just released in May on Berlin DIY label, Späti Palace, is a welcome addition to our burgeoning and insatiable music community.

Lost Talk


Lost Talk is rife with nods to 90s nostalgia: lackadaisical angst, liberal layering of guitar pedals, and vocals that seem to channel Kim Gordon and Kathleen Hanna. The present is proving to be a bust anyway, so we’re happy to take a trip back.

Deludium Skies


Deludium Skies dabbles in doom metal, post-rock, and drone, without strictly adhering to your expectations for any of them. Our favorite track off their new release, “Impure Rain,” conjures fond memories of the rare deviations in which  ‘Godspeed You! Black Emperor’ pretended to be a noise band.

Tales of Murder & Dust


Tales of Murder & Dust creates immersive pieces of cinematic melancholia. The Danish project could be recklessly classified as a brand of post-rock, but ultimately calls on the dark-folk timbres of one of Jozef van Wissem’s film scores.

Cassette Spence

United States

The term ‘bedroom pop’ gets tossed around a lot these days, but the work of NY’s Cassette Spence epitomizes our ideal of the sound: warm analog fuzz, simple guitar strums drowned in reverb, and captivating sincerity.


United States

After having only previously appeared on the odd split or EP over the last five years, Jarz0 takes a big leap out of relative obscurity with this full-length, Zeroth. With the variety of electronic textures heard on this enthralling album, it’s clear that there’s more at play than just Minilogue and  OP-1:

“The project is born out of field recordings from 2017-2019 that I collected from my surroundings. I used this audio — recorded in both the expansive green pastures of northern England and the tightly packed streets of New York City, often twisted together in ways that render their disparate backgrounds unreadable — to form a foundation over which I added beats and melodies created through electronic workflows, including a unique, geometric-based, music-making software (called Shape Your Music) that I’ve spent the last half-decade programming.”



We won’t make any lame attempts at trying to characterize what Blarg is doing. It’s aimless, eclectic, and completely unpretentious, which is good enough for us.

Iñigo Montoya


Iñigo Montoya is a repeat offender here on New Moon, and we’re happy to seem them back. The French electro duo is known for the toe-tappers that offer something more, and they’ve come through on these expectations once again.

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith

United States / Germany

Another one from our textured local scene, prolific sound designer and composer, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, has created another ethereal masterpiece, The Mosaic of Transformation. KAS says of her latest, “I guess in one sentence, this album is my expression of love and appreciation for electricity.”

Ose (Bambooman Remix)

United Kingdom

This iteration will be completely unrecognizable for those that are familiar with UK producer, Ose. While it is a total reimagining of the formerly ambient track, it maintains its original uneasiness, which fits well with times like these.