It almost feels tone-deaf to be putting out content while the world is on fire. Our hearts are with the movement of civil unrest in our homeland and we want the world to stay mad so real change can happen. That said, we recognize a certain duty to provide an outlet to the exhausting chaos. When you’re ready for a break from the existential dread that is gradually eroding at your sanity, we’re here for you. Here are some of our new discoveries from the past weeks. Enjoy as best you can and keep your chin up.


United Kingdom / Germany

It’s not like the Berlin-based Renaissance woman needs our accolades, but she has certainly earned them. While the composer and sound designer has made a name for herself with her groundbreaking LPs on Ninja Tune, “Sleep in a Day” comes to us off her new collaborative label Improvisations x Inspirations. The haunting, ambient composition bodes well for the new label.


United States

“Calico” is the latest from Inventions, a collaboration between Matthew Robert Cooper (Eluvium) and Mark T. Smith (Explosions in the Sky). This whimsical number is the second track off their first release in five years, which just dropped on May 29th. Unlike previous releases, these new tracks hint at a much more playful whimsical sound, like a polyamorous marriage between El Guincho, Dan Deacon, and Battles.



And here we present the B-side to YXA’s latest single, Reckless Pressure. The Stockholm-based electronic duo creates captivating electro that tells a story and will still hold its own on the dancefloor.

Pink Sky

United States

Pink Sky is a power couple creating hypnotic toe-tappers in the vein of John Talabot. Though they’ve had more recent releases, we wanted to share “When We Exist” and its Black Mirror-esque video off of 2019’s Meditations. 

timmies (feat. Mishaal)

United States

Lo-fi beats mainstay, timmies, teams up with the melancholic R&B stylings of Mishaal to create something as woeful as it is relatable. This is just one track off the newly released Missing Angel EP that is chocked-full of heartfelt bangers.

Tay Tay

United States

It wouldn’t be a complete New Moon list without something broody. Tay Tay fills that slot for us with his aptly-titled, “Expanse”: a heavily textured and atmospheric composition.



The Japanese producer appears from general obscurity with this stand-alone IDM track, with evolving polyrhythmic layers and acid synths of the early aughts that would satisfy even the most devout disciples of Aphex Twin. Fingers crossed that there is more to come.

Azu Tiwaline


The quarantine has left us yearning hard for a boogie. Thankfully, Azu Tiwaline is reminding us what it feels like to tap our toes. The Tunisian producer shares the influence of her heritage through a contemporary, IDM lens.



The Viennese duo’s sound is meandering, eclectic, and conveys an uncertainty of where it will take you next. We were pleased to find someone successfully reinvigorating the broad and oversaturated style of post-rock.

Sneaky Little Devil

United States

Sneaky Little Devil’s new video offers you an Alex Grey dreamscape set to the tune of psychedelic vaporware. The trip to another plane is greatly appreciated during these bizarre times.