Grunge is making a significant comeback. After the surging popularity of new/no/dark wave bands surfacing in recent years, it’s only logical that alternative rock and grunge would come in tow just as they did 30 years ago. But while many are paying homage to the point of plagiarism, Heads. is back with a more novel brand. Loyal followers of the band will be pleased with their first full-length in three years, as it tightly follows the arch they first initiated. Listening to a Heads. album is effectively like listening to an anthology of (who we assume to be) their influences. Honestly, and I mean it as a compliment, there were times that I felt I was listening to the soundtrack from 1994’s The Crow. The title track, Collider, sounds like an intimate and whiskey-fueled acoustic session with a young Leonard Cohen. Their reverence to various greats is obvious even within a single song. They might start a track as NIN, throw in a Chris Cornell-esque chorus, then go full Sonic Youth, all with an underlying doom/sludge cadence. But rather than ending up with a carelessly compiled Frankenstein, they’ve managed to string a common thread between the genre’s forefathers that we previously hadn’t noticed. Check it out for yourself / buy the album here.