Ceeys is a project comprised of the brothers Sebastian and Daniel Selke hailing from East Berlin and now residing in Potsdam, Germany. Their approach to classical music is fresh while staying true to its roots.

Subtle strings and delicate piano work are the main features of their new release, Wænde. Informed by minimal, drone, avant-garde, jazz, and improvisation, the album moves effortlessly between movements to form a whole that feels timeless, but passes too quickly. Drama without tension, an emotion near impossible to create.

Wænde is an effort for the brothers Selke to recall and project the impressions of their childhood in East Berlin, a time of rapid change and preservation at the same time. To capture the feeling of this era, Sebastian and Daniel utilized reinstated keyboards and rhythm boxes originally made in the Communist-era GDR.

A favorite track from the album is “Rectangles”. The relentless staccato work coupled with beautifully bowed drones and piano recalls the waxing and waning of time and how we perceive it. This is all broken up by an occasional sharp note that brings you out of the daze and back into reality.

The brothers are also the founders and curators of Potsdam’s premiere ambient, drone, and classical festival, Q3Ambient Fest — a festival covered and cherished by Schmutz.