Back with a more fleshed out sound, former Berlin darling, Carla dal Forno shares her otherworldly second effort, The Garden. You can hear the effect that her move from Berlin to London has had on her music. The production is a little more smooth and filled out, with a little less bedroom and a lot less Kotti grime around the edges.

The four track banger of an E.P. opens with “We Shouldn’t Have To Wait.” The vocal cadence feels rather similar to her “Fast Moving Cars” track off her excellent 2016 debut album, You Know What It’s Like. A little too similar you say? We think not. The track looms over you like nothing we’ve heard from dal Forno before. The lyrics hold a more personal feeling truth, one that is both self critical and more confident.

The Garden carries on with personal favorite, “Clusters.” A lackadaisical wander through your favorite park on a crisp morning in fall. The trees are ablaze with color but the impending winter is approaching and there’s nothing you can do about it so you might as well enjoy the ride. Is the song a reference to German electronic pioneers Cluster/Kluster/Qluster? We hope so.

On “Make Up Talk” we hear something entirely fresh from dal Forno. An eerie, hollow start gives way to dal Forno’s crooner like warning that the cold darkness is approaching. The track has an edge to it that seems to be the end destination dal Forno has been travelling towards since we first heard her. I wonder what’s over the edge?

All good things must come to an end, and here we are. The Garden appropriately ends in “The Garden.” A Twin Peaks feeling effort that feels like what Laura and Bob would be listening to while slow dancing in The Black Lodge. The track finishes with a warning Laura should have heeded… ‘Go outside.’

The Garden is out on what might be Schmutz’s all time favorite label, Blackest Ever Black. It really should be picked up when reminiscing dal Forno’s Atonal set a few months ago. If you couldn’t catch her at Atonal, she’ll be playing Kantine am Berghain on November 11th.

Check out our review for her 2016 record, You Know What It’s Like and see how much better at writing album reviews we’ve gotten.

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