My, how the time flies. It has already been a year since we first caught wind of an innovative new show concept set in the historic water reservoirs of Prenzlauer Berg. A year on, Schmutz has a little more hair on its chest and Speicher II is making its triumphant return. Dubbing itself “a festival for site-specific music,” the sonic popup will be taking advantage of the antique chasms’ unique acoustic characteristics, playing off their natural reverberation that can reach up to 18 seconds.

The event is once again put together by the sound alchemists at bohemian drips, some of the city’s finest in experimental / noise-performance organizers. Similar to last year, the event will be a carefully curated collection of artists, spanning a broad spectrum of styles between new improvisation, free jazz, electroacoustic, drone, noise, and minimal. The unifying thread between the artists is their ability to utilize the full potential of the space given to them, creating a completely unique and memorable experience for those lucky enough to be present. Dissimilar from last year is that the roster of artists is nearly doubled and the event will cover three evenings.

Tickets can be purchased online or physically at Staalplaat and Zabriskie. Check out the full lineup below.


Friday, June 15th | 6pm-10pm

Audrey Chen (Friday, 7pm, big tank)
• Audrey Chen (USA | voice & cello)

MORPH! (Friday, 8pm, small tank)
• Mia Dyberg (DEN | alt-sax)
• Roberta Wjm Andreucci (IT | electronics, turntablism)

Microtub (Friday, 9pm, big tank)
• Robin Hayward (UK | microtonal F tuba)
• Peder Simonsen (NOR | microtonal C tuba)
• Martin Taxt (NOR | microtonal C tuba)

Saturday, June 16th | 3pm-10pm

Sandra Boss (Saturday, 4-6.45pm, big tank)
• Sandra Boss (DEN | installation and performance on automated organ)

Saba Alizadeh (Saturday, 7pm, small tank)
• Saba Alizadeh (IRN | self flagellation device, electronics)

Marimba (Saturday, 8pm, small tank)
• Elia Buletti aka Delmore FX (IT | electronics)
• Paul Jones (NZ | stringed instruments)

Kudu (Saturday, 9pm, small tank)
• Ignaz Schick (GER | sax)
• Els Vandeweyer (BEL | vibraphone)
• Klaus Kürvers (GER | double bass)

Sunday, June 17th | 5pm-10pm

Air Cushion Finish (Sunday, 6pm, small tank)
• jayrope (GER | guitar, diy-devices)
• Lippstueck (GER | voice, electronics)

Jd Zazie (Sunday, 7pm, small tank)
• JD Zazie (IT | electronics)

Clive Bell & Sam Weaver (Sunday, 8pm, big tank)
• Clive Bell (UK | shakuhachi flute)
• Sam Weaver (UK, Cuspeditions | Hordijk modular)

Sawt Out (Sunday, 9pm, small tank)
• Mazen Kerbaj (LIB | trumpet, objects)
• Burkhard Beins (GER | percussion)
• Michael Vorfeld (GER | percussion)