We recently stumbled upon Bellchild, an experimental pop trio from the Rhine and Ruhr areas of Germany. Analogous of their name, they’re youngins on the music scene, though the quality of their sound gives no indication of this. We gave them a shout early this month as part of our New & Notable series, but we thought they deserved a longer, and brighter spotlight. While their sound is eclectic to the point of schizophrenic, there are clear nods to other pioneers of the (anti-)genre. Their most recent track, Embrace, starts with the signature vocal quiver of Son Lux, while last year’s Mojo utilizes a crackling analog rhythm reminiscent of múm, before developing into something closer to Massive Attack and Forest Swords’ love-child. Lucky for us Berliners, they’re leaving the comfort of their homes in the west to share their well-chosen amalgamation of sounds with us.

Join us on February 3rd at Barkett in celebrating some new German talent.

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