Any sun-worshippers our there? Thursday 21 March is fast-approaching. The day greets us with the northern hemisphere’s vernal equinox which offers us the same length of sunlight and darkness. The night, however, offers us a vast array of fine and freaky musical acts curated by The David Watts Foundation, home to all things from the 60s to present day psych/garage and Baby Satan Records, a young, yet prolific label who, despite existing outside of time and space, are nevertheless celebrating their first trip around the sun over at Urban Spree.

The David Watts Foundations kicks the festivities off with an exclusive double-headline show at Monarch. The night will open with Swedish garage/punk rockers Baby Jesus. Following their bombastic performance last year at Berlin Beat Explosion, we’re excited to have these energetic Swedes back in town. Their 14-track LP, ’Took Our Sons Away,’ pays homage to a prototypical 60s psychedelic garage sound, the likes of which could fit alongside some of the tracks on Crypt Record’s excellently raucous Back From The Grave compilations, but is undoubtably and paradoxically modern.

Next up come Berlin’s local garage heroes, Father Midnight. This show features the release of their new video for the track ‘Words’ and fits perfectly within the multi-media and inter-dimensional approach of the band and its artists, which I believe deserve nearly as much recognition for their evocative visual art as they do with their psychedelic and often explosive music.

The track itself was released on the ‘FATHER MIDNIGHT HAD IT COMING’ EP back in May 2018, but is now given new meaning and life with a video which I cannot (and perhaps could not) even begin to interpret, but has at least a few main characters who stand out: a distraught and sweaty woman who stares at outer space on television while cutting faces out of pictures; an older man in a museum who opens an ornate, black box to find a tiny, floating toilet and drink its contents before tripping holy balls; and a creepy guy with pantyhose on his head bothering the distraught and sweaty girl at a Father Midnight concert. There’s also a girl dancing with a dead buck on her head, some literal face-melting and a number of disturbing and apocalyptic images. Taken together, all of these narratives, images and emotions work together to form something of a collage, the bigger subject of which is left up to the subjective interpretations of the viewer. On Thursday, this visceral video will be added to the already impressive Father Midnight canon.

If you haven’t had enough music by the end of these two acts, hop on the U1 over to Warschauerstr. and check out the Baby Satan Records Birthday Party, featuring, among other artists, a performance from Balagan at 23:00 at a DJ set the your one and only Schmutz. If you show up to Urban Spree with the entry stamp from Monarch, they’ll give you a super cheap exclusive price.

Hats off to Baby Satan and The David Watts Foundation for not only giving us an excellent dose of tasty tunes, but giving the local scene an example of how to work together!

Christopher Lewis has roots in the woodsy, cornfield-filled, and conservative Indiana. In Groningen, the Netherlands, he fell in love and started a bookings and management business, COK Bookings, with his now wife, Annalie. He’s rather fond of psychedelic rock and fried chicken.