Back in September 2016, Alva Noto and Ryuichi Sakamoto got together for an unforgettable live performance at Philip Johnson’s legendary Glass House. This wasn’t their first meeting, as they had previously combined their efforts to produce 2002’s Vrioon, then once again for the soundtrack to 2015’s The Revenant. While a video from their Glass House session has been available online since last year, they’ve finally released the full album version. Every aspect of the recording epitomizes the very glass space that inspired it. The airy, enveloping synths manage to convey the comfort of a home and the simultaneous discomfort of your home leaving you completely exposed.

The release comes just in time to hype Alva Noto’s March 1st performance, at Funkhaus. Come see what he does in the house of funk rather than a house of glass.

(cover photo courtesy of The Glass House)