We’re two native daughters of Cascadia and music is our life (Lives? Musics are our lives..?). Point being, music is really important to us. We have other things going on, but at the core of it all, music is what keeps it all together. You know when the looming awareness of your existential insignificance starts to creep in? Music helps us tune all that nonsense out..


Schmutz is dedicated to being your default information source for live concerts in Berlin.  Live music of all kinds, as long as it’s good. If it’s happening in Berlin, we want you to know about it. We indiscriminately love black metal, r&b, dreampop, powerviolence, hip hop, psych, neo classical, no wave, etc.


The trigger point for this site was the regular occurrence of walking by a flyer on the street for an amazing band, only to see that the date for the show had past. If we had a euro for every time this happened to us, we could finally afford to start paying our Deutschland Radio bills. Perhaps more importantly, we consider this a sort of civic duty for the city we love.


You’re literally reading our website right now. We are also a magazine, which you can learn more about here.


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