8MM Bar is a Berlin institution. Founded in 2002, 8MM has been serving the sleaze to Berlin rock & rollers, post-punks, goths and the like. Little known to some, 8MM is also a record label.  With this special anniversary of fifteen years upon us, these Berlin tastemakers have given us a little compilation to catch us up on what they have been up to. She is called… 15 Years 8MM.

The compilation is chocked full of Schmutz favorites, bands that have put on excellent (and wild) shows this year and bands that you haven’t heard of yet, but will love after giving this beauty a spin. What we’ll do for you here is give you a rub run down of our favorite tracks but trust us, the whole compilation is worth your time.

The second track on 15 Years 8MM is a little demo by Berlin bad gals LeVent, called ‘Lighter Thief’. Imagine Malaria! and Siouxie are hanging out and bump into Neu! who are reading eastern philosophy. They all decide to record a quick track (this would only happen at 8MM by the way) and this is what pops out. A solid rhythm section and creeping guitare are what support the deep vocals of Heike Rädeker while she tells us to “go and deal with it.” These bad babes will be playing Bi Nuu on February 28th, don’t miss it if you know what’s good for ya.

I love it when people support and encourage me. I also love when people call me baby. So when The Underground Youth added their track ‘You Made It Baby’ to the compilation, I was thrilled. This is a dusty post-punk track that seems to have blown in from some forgotten Western film scored by Nick Cave. A feeling of internal despair that excites you ensues, something only The Underground Youth can do. Don’t forget to catch their next show (which happens to be a Schmutz Presents show…) on November 23rd at Kantine am Berghain. Buy tickets here. Win a pair of tickets here.

New kids on the block Jawbones ain’t nuthing to fuck with. We caught them earlier this year along with Clinic and we are fans. With their kraut and psych doozy, ‘Disorder in Space and Time,’ they take us to the farthest reaches. Occupying a curious space between head nod and full on freak out is where our spaceship lands with this song and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Don’t miss them next time they play a gig.

Interest piqued? Good. Wanna pick up a copy of 15 Years 8MM for yourself? Better. The release party is November 15th at the place where it all started, 8MM Bar. Festivities kick off at 19:30 with djs, live acts and booze, booze, booze. It’s the last time it’ll happen for five years… DON’T SLEEP!

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