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Berlin Atonal Festival 2018 Mix

Wednesday marks the start of this year's Berlin Atonal Festival and we can hardly contain our excitement. Maintaining their tradition of completely outdoing themselves, the festival's curators have constructed another impressive lineup of veterans and must-know...

Stream Oh Sees’ New Album, Smote Reverser

Oh Sees' new album, Smote Reverser, just released today on Castle Face Records. The new release comes just in time to build hype for their upcoming show here in Berlin on September 6th. Have a listen and get...

A L’ARME! Festival 2018: An Outsider’s Perspective

We sent our resident punk expert to a festival showcasing experimental jazz and avant-garde electronics. They were pleasantly surprised. Outside of a couple of Huerco S records, a Second Woman album, and a Youtube playlist called “Ambient//Noise”, my knowledge of the...

Aphex Twin Releases New Video for T69 Collapse

After a slew of his logos cryptically appeared in cities across the world over the past week, a video was posted for the title track of his upcoming EP, The Collapse.  With the release slated for September 14th and his show in Berlin on November 1st, we have lots to...

Yves Tumor Releases New Track, Noid

Yves Tumor just posted a new track to their Youtube channel. As an artist that has built their reputation on experimentation, the dramatically different style of their new track should come as no surprise. Even so, the notably poppy-er track got us to pivot in our...

Schmutz Playlists | August 2018

Remember this time last year when we were all whining because summer never arrived? Me neither. While you're lounging by your preferred body of water, feel free to use these cool playlists to slow your inevitable transformation into a puddle. As always, all of these...