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New & Notable #2

This issue of New & Notable is an emotional rollercoaster, with high crests of positive soul and low troughs of warm drone. Take a ride with us. 


INRA is a project by Adam Ben-Nun and Philipp Rhensius: an attempt to bend time, shape worlds and vaporize our hyperreal surroundings. They use a just intonation guitar that shift between pure overtones and a mass off harmonic substance, drums, field recordings and text to conjure a viscous yet danceable, meditative yet nervous sound. Drawing from clubmusic, free improvisation, drone and dub, they exhale an alienated ontology, haunted by the presence of the real and memories of the future.

From: Berlin

Overland Inn

Overland Inn is a French duo, formed in 2006. Etienne (Guitar/Machines) and Chloë (Voice/Keyboards/Machines) have recorded their first album ‘Long Way Home’ (2010) in Portugal, followed by ‘Technicolor’ (2012) in England, and ‘Between a Dog and a Wolf’ (2016) in the Czech Republic.

On stage, the band has taken different forms depending on their location and influences. Overland Inn is now playing as a duo, accompanied by analogue synths, beat boxes, and various retro-futuristic instruments borrowed from the trip-hop scene of the 90’s, the dark-wave movement of the 80’s, or the hip-hop from the 70’s.

From: France


With the new mini-album ’Morgondröm’ (Morning Dream) LEHNBERG dives into a mental musical calmness where the rhythm driven soundscapes now completely been switched out for the stillness of the sun’s first silky morning rays which creates a silhouette to the dream like music.

The modern ambient sounds on Morgondröm can be described as a fusion of the softest of sound worlds, meditative states and thoughtfulness, where David’s wayward musicality is highly present and on display. That allows the experimental side of things to play a more audible role in both space and time.

From: Sweden


Having made their debut in March this year with their hymn to the cosmos, ‘Universal’, Anglo-French trio Safetalk return in September with their second transmission, ‘Gold of the Highest’, a light in the darkness celebrating humanity’s potential.

Fusing psychedelic soul to intricate, pulsating electronic rhythms and radiant synths, Safetalk want us to look beyond our weak flesh and, with ‘Gold of the Highest’, open our hearts and minds to the strength we all possess within ourselves.

In an age when our worst instincts are being fed back to ourselves with a passionate intensity ‘Gold of the Highest’ shines like a beacon, an electronic sigil glowing in the darkness, a reminder that even as things fall apart the power is within us to rebuild both our world and our spirits.

From: France

Lion, Meet Lizard

Lion, Meet Lizard is the electronic solo project of Chris Tieken, based in the Netherlands. He combines synths, slow beats, and melodic guitars with vocals drenched in effects. This results in the unconventional mix of indie and electronic sounds, influenced by the likes of Tycho, Bonobo and The xx. 2014 saw the release of the EP “I want to believe”, followed by live shows throughout the Netherlands. His debut album “Disappear Here” was released in June 2015. 2016 brought a string of singles released independently as well as a mini-tour in Canada.

From: Netherlands

Lou Val

From: Canada

Big Akasha

“When Mansions On The Moon took a hiatus about a year and half ago and I started working as a farm hand for an MMJ operation, I still had the feeling that I needed to create music which was a reflection of the records I grew up loving. This track is my love letter to music (and a hate letter to demagogues). I produced this record the old school way – live everything, minimal edits, high quality mixing and mastering.”

– Jeff from Mansions On The Moon

From: US


Written, recorded and produced over a period of about 6 months. Bayou tries to incorporate elements from various genres (sweeping orchestral movements, tone-fuelled guitar solos and vocal sampling) to create a chilled-out and relaxed track with a solid beat.

From: UK

The Tunnel

“Our new Plasma Den/Overland 2-song EP (recorded by Jai Young Kim of Secret Chiefs 3, Hedersleben) was just released and is available on bandcamp with a run of 250 10″ 45rpm vinyl along with a short custom run of 50 cassettes. The Plasma Den/Overland EP is our first recording featuring drummer Michael Jacobs of pOrch.”

From: US

Nikolaj Efendi

Nikolaj Efendi or “When Leonard Cohen and Einstürzende Neubauten are composing soundtracks for deliriums”.

The intention of the Viennese composer and singer of the balkan-punk band „Roy de Roy“ Nikolaj Efendi was to create an inter-disciplinary work of art and the result is a conceptual double release: both a CD and a theatre play.

The Carinthian Slovene alternates between English and Slovenian lyrics and his compositions are staggering from joy of living to longing for death.

His new album Temper is filled with a gloomy, electric-ridden atmosphere, created by a gang of great musicians and Efendi’s self-made effect pedals. The quartet enjoys the reputation of being a great live-band, builds post-rocky soundscapes and lives from Efendi’s hypnotic storytelling. The songs are full of dark, romantic intensity waiting to be released.

From: Austria

The Dirt
I Used to Spend So Much Time Alone

On their latest album, I Used to Spend So Much Time Alone, Seattle’s Chastity Belt are trying to break free. The album opens with aptly titled “Different Now,” a washed out dreamer of a track that addresses the struggles of trying to find yourself while feeling the anxiety of growing older.

The album continues with the themes that have always haunted humans in their mid and upper twenties: money, image, identity, the general notion of becoming an adult. Mid-way through the album we find the second single, “Used to Spend,” a track (much like the entire album) that occupies a curious space between post-punk, surf and shoegaze. The song contains lyrics like “I wanna have self-control, I wanna be sincere, but nothing’s ever really free when you’re living in fear” and “feeling like a real champ, but for how long?” Again touching on identity issues that plague us all.

Though the lyrics on I Used to Spend So Much Time Alone challenge the listener to be comfortable with themselves, an often rather uncomfortable task, the music of the album itself naturally releases some of that tension. The album has a drone-y, dream like quality that will be perfect to help us float into summer.

These dream weavers have been picked up by seminal Seattle label Hardly Art and will, Gott sei Dank, be playing Kantine am Berghain on September 17th along with Magic Potion.

Soviet Soviet Guides ACUD in Introspection on 31.05

The Italian post-punk trio, Soviet Soviet, headlined ACUD last Wednesday night in support of their latest album, Endless.

I watched a man in the audience stare out the window for twenty minutes. Soon after, I realized how perfect Soviet Soviet is for introspection. The three-piece created the perfect atmosphere for thinking about it all. I imagined the thick layers of sound filling in every corner of the barely-lit room while casual goths slowly nodded their head. The night moved slowly, even when the rhythm was fast-paced and insisting.

Andrea Giometti (bass and vocals) created his own chaos in the corner of the stage, throwing his bass around as the speed and sound increased. Alessandro Costantini (guitar) and Alessandro Ferri (drums) were often closing their eyes, joining everyone else in their own head.

One thing that sets Soviet Soviet apart from other modern post-punk bands are the vocals. Giometti’s pitch somehow fit in just right with the darker tones of the genre and it was executed perfectly in a live setting.

Random Chatter called Endless, “a musical journey that is completely built on hope”, and I walked away from the venue feeling just that, despite the current state of the world.


Colette is a freelance writer based in Berlin. She likes Turkish psych rock, wandering, data sculptures, and white sauce.  For more Colette, visit here

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