EXOTICA (NYC, La Vida Es Un Mus)

These boys and girls were my favourite band I saw on the Diaet US tour last year except we didn’t actually play with them and I saw them after our tour had already ended. But still…

Here’s how Paco marketed their tunes after he pressed their 2016 demo onto a 7″:

“EXOTICA’s debut is worth a million listens. Unfiltered punk which manages to mix elements of early Brazilian punk, the aggression of 82 post DISCHARGE explosion and mutant punk worldwide. Based in NYC but with members from Mexico, Argentina and USA they are prime example of a melting pot of the finest international hardcore punk.”

New LP available at the gig!


When the apocalypse creeps in, there will be four people still sitting at the bar. And when the drink dries up, they’ll get restless and pick up whatever’s lying around to make some of the most depraved, nihilistic punk this city has had the displeasure of hearing. Debut gig except I think they might actually have another one already booked at Ficken 3000 or something. Feat. Janina.



Schmutz Berlin 31.05.2017


Die Pest

Date 19.Jun.17 Past Show
Show Time 21:00   (Door Opens 20:00)
Price € TBA
Event name Something to look forward to Vol. 3
Venue ACUD Club
Veteranenstraße 21, 10119 Berlin, Germany