S U R V I V E is cool. Cool as ice, cool as grits, the sort of electronic record that people who don’t like electronic music will come around to despite themselves, while fans will do cartwheels over it. Although beholden to no particular subgenre, it will appeal most to fans of trance, dark ambient, and retrowave. Although its nine instrumental tracks explore a range of moods, from nostalgia to majesty to sheer wonder, they all glide along an atmospheric sea that lends the album a surprising cohesiveness and consistent quality. No filler here. In terms of listening experience, S U R V I V E recalls ultra classic albums by older acts such as Future Sound of London and Delirium, records that you can dance to or simply enjoy set in the background. An ace from start to finish.


Gottlieb Brenner is a Berlin-based Schmutz contributor. He enjoys kabusecha, gin, and believes “Superunknown” was the best album of the ’90s.

By Gabriel Dunn
10 months
Release date 30.09.2016