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We Make Waves Festival
09.11.17 Past Show
Acud Macht Neu

Introducing We Make Waves, a new Berlin-based festival and conference made for women, trans and non-binary people poised to disrupt the music industry. This November, we will bring together a group of renegade performers, artists, and activists from Berlin and beyond in order to share transformational ideas, experiences, and motivation for future projects and collaborations.

For our inaugural year, we are proud to present a keynote address by none other than JD Samson (Le Tigre/ Men) and live performances by legendary pioneer of the queercore movement, miss VAGINAL DAVIS, feminist art and music collaborative The Chicks (Chicks on Speed), NYC’s underground rap diva DAI BURGER, Oakland’s poptronic princess AH MER AH SU, Zimbabwean emcee A.W.A. (African Women Arise), and feminist punk icon MEREDITH GRAVES (Perfect Pussy/MTV) + many more inspiring artists.