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Shintaro Sakamoto
30.10.17 Past Show
Urban Spree

Shintaro Sakamoto aus Tokyo ist einer der wichtigsten japanischen Komponisten, Musikproduzenten, Sänger und Songwriter Japans.

Seine Karriere begann er 1989 als Gitarrist der Rockband “Yura Yura Teikoku”. Bis zur Auflösung der Band im Jahr 2010 veröffentlichte die Bands ganze zehn Alben.

Seit 2011 ist Shintaro Sakamoto als Solo-Künstler unterwegs und gründete mit “Zelone Records” sein eigenes Record-Label, auf dem 2011 in Japan bzw. 2012 im Rest der Welt das gefeierte Debüt “How To Live With A Phantom” erschien.

Henry Wu presents Kamaal Williams
Gretchen Gretchen

With an accolade of releases on independent labels 22a, Rhythm Section International and Eglo Records, Henry Wu has solidified his place as one of the most exciting and eclectic producers to emerge from the UK.

He is a musician of many talents, from sell out shows in London to playing extensively at clubs and festivals across Europe, North America, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Consistently championed by the likes of Benji B, Gilles Peterson, Alexander Nut, Mary Anne Hobbs and Toddla T.

Kamaal Williams is a musician of many talents, co-founder of Yussef Kamaal under the moniker of Henry Wu, he has sold out shows in London and toured extensively at clubs and festivals across Europe, North America, Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

Kantine am Berghain

Cross genre groove, spanning from broken hip-hop to more electronic and jazz influenced future funk.

STUFF. is a 5 piece live band that brings a cross genre groove, spanning from broken hip-hop to more electronic and jazz influenced future funk. They defy easy categorisation. Writing for Jazz Standard, Tina Edward said ‘If an energy drink could make music, it would sound like STUFF.‘, a description that does more to describe their sound than established genre tags. Utilising lesser-used instruments like the wind synth, alongside the familiar array of drums and electric bass, synthesizers and turntables, they’re able scatter rhythms, melodies and electronic effects across their canvas with a Pollock-like abandon, creating music that while heavy in groove has great depth and intrigue.

They released their self-titled debut album March 2015 to critical acclaim and embarked on a sold out club tour in Benelux, Germany, UK and Ireland short after.

Several tracks of their debut gained airplay on UK stations BBC6 and BBC1 as well as Belgian nationwide stations StuBru & Radio 1. They kept on touring with the album till the end of 2016 and played nearly 150 shows throughout Europe on very divers stages, showing their eclectic style: renowned jazzfestivals like North Sea Jazz Festival (Nl), Elbjazz Hamburg (De) and Gent Jazz (Be); alternative festivals like Lowlands (Nl), Pukkelpop (Be), Dour Festival (Be) and Shambala festival (UK); urban/hiphop festivals like Couleur Café (Brussels) and Les Ardentes (Liège) and electronic festivals like Dimensions (Pula) and Fusion (Lärz Germany).

At the end of 2015 the band was mentioned in several end of the year lists and the group got numerous music prices in the home country for best album of the year, best live, breakthrough of the year, best artwork. 2016 brought more clubshows in Europe, a new show with all new music called Hybrid Love and the recording and mixing of the new album ‘old dreams new planets’ released April 2017. This latest album got again raving reactions and topped the charts in their home country Belgium. Quite crazy considering this is instrumental music with virtually no airplay.

Ben Walsh, Mister Ott + Ben Walsh, Aron Ottignon, Alice Orchestra
25.08.17 Past Show

Ben Walsh

One of Australia’s most innovative drummers,Ben Walsh has made a name for himself as one of the best Jungle, Drum n Bass drummers on the globe. Over 20 years rocking dance floors with Australian Live electronic mavericks “THE BIRD”, allowed him a platform to deliver his high energy frenetic drum style. Remix Experiment, like “The Bird”, provides the dance floor with heavy Bass lines and floor shaking beats drummed in real time, but with a unique twist. Ben’s love of Technology and electronic music has compelled him to experiment with a new range of gadgets and devices that deliver electronic music in a very ‘human’ way. Over 4 years of research and development he has pioneered a way of new interacting with machines. Melodies delays and bass lines are triggered by live voice and drum rhythms. There are no backing tracks, no bpm. If no rhythm is being played or sung the computers remain still. In simple terms…The Machines listen and behave organically. Part art piece, mostly dance floor show, REMIX EXPERIMENT could only be born from the mind of an artist such as Ben Walsh, a human bomb of rhythm and melody, new technologies and electronic music of the last decade, with the primal energy, spirit & soul of live performance.


Mister Ott
Everywhere he’s been, Matt Ottignon has soaked up the local music culture, collaborating with resident artists and creating new music. Not ‘world music’ in the accepted sense, Matt’s original compositions for MISTER OTT comprise an amalgamation of native melodies from many sources, blended with the free-form improvisation and syncopation for which African-pedigreed jazz is renowned. In particular, Matt has a keen interest and involvement with the very unique sounds of Ethiopian music. He toured Ethiopia in 2011 with Sydney-based Dereb The Ambassador.

Aron Ottignon
Aron Ottignon is an extremely gifted pianist. Prizes have been rained on him ever since he began playing, and he could have fallen into the virtuosity trap and lent his talents to Rachmaninoff and Ellington, hiding behind those ten fingers. But an authoritative persona and some remarkable artistic convictions were maturing beneath the surface in this child prodigy, and today, from Auckland (where he was born in 1982) to Paris, and from Woodkid to Stromae, people have seen that the winding path he’s taken was guided by an arrow-straight ambition that finally materialised in a first album.

Alice Orchestra
Alice Orchestra is a constellation of talented transcultural tightrope walkers from around the world whose music is a kind of high-energy pop exotica with jazz and folk roots. Naomi Jean & Carola Ortiz, both vocalists, multi-instrumentalists and composers, navigate an extraordinary ensemble to bring their original music to life. Naomi’s Indo-Celtic influences, vocal layering and fresh rhythmic approach combine with Carola’s pop, jazz, Mediterranean and Latin-American roots to forge a new alchemy. These two versatile artists tap wellsprings of ancient and contemporary music and make them their own with dynamism and grace.Featuring Nishad Pandey, Ben Walsh, and special guest vocalist Sreekanth Hariharan, bringing his incredible Carnatic vocal skills from South India to Berlin!

Lee Fields & The Expressions
07.11.17 Past Show
Festsaal Kreuzberg

Wenn man Lee Fields persönlich trifft, ist das schon ein echtes Ereignis. Die Energie, die Lebensfreude, die Musikalität dieses Mannes scheinen unerschöpflich, wo er hinkommt steht er sofort im Mittelpunkt. Er ist einfach ein Soul-Man und ein Crooner der ganz alten Schule. Und ein Auftritt von ihm zusammen mit seinen Expressions potenziert das Ganze noch einmal.

Der (rund) 66-Jährige, dessen erste Veröffentlichung aus dem Jahr 1969 datiert, ist einer der letzten verbliebenen originalen Soul-Sänger, der noch die großen Zeiten in den 60ern mitgemacht hat. Mit seiner markanten Stimme und der packenden Bühnenpräsenz ist er eine Naturgewalt. Er hat den Funk gespielt und den Blues gesungen und den Southern Soul mit groß gemacht. Und genauso wie seine Kollegen ist er zwischenzeitlich untergetaucht, als durchkalkulierte Dance-Rhythmen und schneller kommerzieller Erfolg wichtiger wurden als ehrlicher, dramatischer, hingebungsvoller Gesang, schweißnasse Bläsersätze, treibende Rhythmusgruppen und die wahre Seele in der Musik.

Das ist zum Glück vorbei, und die Wiederentdeckung des großen alten Mannes hat ihn wieder in den Fokus gebracht. Lee Fields ist im Herzen noch genauso jung wie früher, denn die Musik, die er macht wird niemals alt. Tough as nails and sweet as honey hat man den Soul immer bezeichnet, weil er mit seiner hinreißenden Musikalität nicht nur von Liebe berichten, sondern gleichzeitig ein politisches Statement sein konnte. Das gilt bis heute.

13.11.17 Past Show
Velodrom Velodrom

Ein Blick auf Jamiroquais Comeback- Video zum Titelsong seines neuen Albums „Automaton“ und man sieht: Es ist, als wären Jay Kay und seine Band nie weggewesen. Mit einem crazy Bastard aus Helm und Hut auf dem Kopf führen er und sein unvergleichlich smoothes Timbre durch einen Song, der nicht nur ein Hit ist, sondern immer noch das Label „Future Funk“ tragen könnte – jene Schublade, die man kurz nach Bandgründung 1992 extra für ihn beschriftet hatte.

Auch der zweite vorab veröffentlichte Track „Cloud 9“ hält das Niveau, wobei Jay Kay den Funkfaktor noch ein wenig höher treibt. Für Jamiroquais Werk galt immer schon: Wer bei dieser Musik still stehen bleiben kann, der merkt auch sonst nichts mehr.

Deshalb sollte man es auf keinen Fall verpassen, wenn die Band nach ihrem Festivalsommer noch eine Tour durch die Arenen des Landes spendiert, wo sie ihre neuen Songs sicherlich in eine große, bunte Show packen wird.