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The Third Eye Foundation, Cummi Flu & Raz Ohara
Kantine am Berghain

The Third Eye Foundation is the apocalyptic drum’n’bass alias of onetime Flying Saucer Attack member Matt Elliot. Now returns with a new album – Wake The Dead.

Cummi Flu / Raz Ohara.

Cummi Flu, who likes to generate percussion loops from the twangs of various rubber bands, creates loops with the help of all possible and impossible tone generators.

What happens now when these complex, gyroscopic sounds are deflected and distorted, when you send them through the Raz Ohara grinder, so to speak? Gnawing tracks emerge from field recordings, acoustic instruments, synthesizers and kitchen utensils. Bizarre and fleeting. The sound of CUMMI FLU / RAZ OHARA.


Grandbrothers will tour Europe and the UK in November, showcasing tracks from theirsecond album, Open, which will be released by City Slang Records on October 20, as wellas 2015’s acclaimed debut, Dilation.

The duo, Erol Sarp and Lukas Vogel, first met seven years ago, forming the synth-freeGrandbrothers in Du?sseldorf only a short while later. Pairing Sarp’s piano skills withVogel’s talent for building the formidably intricate mechanics with which he exploits hispartner’s instrument and also designing its software, Open explores dimensions at whichtheir debut, Dilation, only hinted. On stage, Sarp works at his ivory keyboard while, frombehind his computer keys, Vogel live-samples his partner’s notes, triggering further effectswith the aid of homemade apparatus that physically manipulate the piano’s strings andbody. Live, the inventive contraptions at the heart of their work provide a physicallyastounding and visually astonishing display, so it’s no wonder their music was oncememorably described as “open heart surgery on a grand piano.”

Their performances underline the complexity and vigour of their work, bringing their love oftechno and club music to the fore. As Sarp points out, “We don’t only make music forlistening to, after all. As much as we enjoy playing concert halls with the audience seatedwe also love to play at sweaty clubs where people are standing and dancing around us.“

Festsaal Kreuzberg Festsaal Kreuzberg

Ultimately, Tricky and trip hop can be treated synonymously. After the release of his debut, Maxinquaye, the man and the genre were irrevocably linked. Don’t get the impression, though, that this is some kind of standstill situation. The Bristolian liked to dabble in punk, 2tone, rock and hip hop in the past as well. After moving to Berlin, he started working on his new project Skilled Mechanics, which was released at the beginning of 2016. It’s a loose cooperation between him and artists DJ Milo, Luke Harris and Chinese rapper Ivy. Now Tricky returns with his 13th album, ununiform, out in September 2017 on his own label False Idols via !K7 Music. It’s a delicate, storming, intricate album that sees Tricky take perhaps his most radical step yet – a journey into happiness and contentment. It’s a record that shows the legendary British producer confront his legacy, history, family – even death itself. And in all of this, he finds the strangest, least familiar thing – peace.

This is the first album-proper made since Tricky moved to Berlin, three years ago. While many people move to the clubbing capital of Europe to party, this was a clean break, in every sense of the word. “I like it here because I don’t know anybody. I eat good food, I go for walks, I’ve got a bike. I’m trying to look after myself. I don’t drink here. Some people call it boring, but I wake at 9am and I’m asleep by 11 o’clock at night. I’m looking after myself.”
Though most of ununiform was made in his adopted capital, four tracks were recorded in a city further east, the capital of Russia. “Moscow is my favourite city in the world,” he says. “I didn’t want to spend Christmas at home, so in December 2016 I spent three weeks there recording and eating Russian food.” The four tracks made in the dead of winter in Moscow feature collaborations with local rappers and producers. “I’ve been listening to Russian rap for 20 years. I love those accents – I don’t need to understand what they’re rapping. I could just feel it. People live like everyday is their last day, and I like that.”

Though the album is more settled and at peace with life than any other that Tricky has recorded, it’s also one shot through with references to the end of life, from the raving, synth-led ‘Dark Days’ to the single ‘When We Die.’ “Word to the wise: I don’t want to die young,” Tricky explains. “But my first memory was seeing my mother dead in her coffin in my family house. I’d go in, stand on the chair and look at her. So I’m saying to that kid on the chair, ‘it’s going to be OK. You’re going to tour the world, you’re going to make music, and the good life is going to come in.’ If you don’t accept death, you don’t really accept life.”

Tricky also credits much of the freedom of ununiform to something more grounded: “This album now is the first album I’ve made (in years) which isn’t going to pay off some kind of debt. So it’s more relaxed!” Referring to his previous albums, False Idols, Adrian Thaws, and the Skilled Mechanics project, he says “I was doing these records thinking ‘the quicker I do this album, the quicker I pay off the tax people.’ So ununiform has been very chilled out. Now, I own the label, I pay for everything myself. I’m a truly independent artist. Now I do what I want. Freedom is a beautiful thing.”

Interestingly, the effect of this new-found financial freedom, and a newly healthy lifestyle, has led to Tricky turning back to his classic sound – perhaps the final frontier for such an inveterate experimentalist. “I’ve got nothing to prove now, and I’m comfortable with referencing myself.” Indeed, he’s since described lead single ‘The Only Way’ as “Hell is Round The Corner, Part 2”. This sensation is perhaps a response to a wave of artists referencing Tricky’s ‘90s records and his approach, from The xx to boundary-pushing London rappers Gaika and CASisDEAD, the latter of which Tricky recently collaborated with. “I’ve got a really wide audience. So I’ve got nothing to prove. I feel like sometimes it’s OK to do it again.”

Omar Souleyman + Aftershow Party
01.01.70 Past Show

Join us in the renowned Saal 1 to experience the music of Omar Souleyman, live, as part of the Funkhaus Session series.

The Syrian musician will be playing tracks from his highly acclaimed new album, To Syria, With Love. Mtv described his performances as “The default position of anyone at an Omar Souleyman performance is, simply, up: palms up, arms up, face up, chest up, and mood, by extension, all the way up.” The follow-up to 2015’s Bahdeni Nami, To Syria, With Love marks Souleyman’s third full-length studio record. It is a departure musically and lyrically from his previous material, with focus on more elaborate keyboard and techno elements.

Souleyman, who has collaborated with Björk and Four Tet, began his career as a prolific wedding singer, releasing nearly 500 live albums before civil war broke out in his native Syria in 2011. He then moved to Turkey and in 2013 released Wenu Wenu via Ribbon/Domino, which NPR called, “…a jam so visceral, thrilling and intense as to make the mysterious matter of earthly borders seem hardly worth the time to contemplate.” The 2015 release Bahdeni Nami garnered widespread critical praise including The Guardian who proclaimed, “It’s so fast that the only appropriate way to engage with it is to wriggle your limbs. Melodies are both abrasive and ebullient, chattering endlessly like raucous birdsong.”

He has bolstered his growing status as a world and electronic music icon establishing an extensive international following after touring widely and performing at major festivals including Glastonbury, Bonnaroo, Pitchfork Paris and Roskilde. Now he is bringing is talents to Funkhaus Berlin for one night, come and experience this unique show.

European Sports Car, Eel Burn, Marimba, Jealousy Party,Marta De Pascalis, Besuch des Pluskabels
13.10.17 Past Show
Schrippe Hawaii


European Sports Car – Neo-Romantic Industrial Noise

Eel Burn

Jealousy Party

Marimba (Das Andere Selbst)

Marta De Pascalis (The Tapeworm)

Besuch des Pluskabel – AV Performance

+ DJs

17.10.17 Past Show
Urban Spree

In Zeiten von EDM und vollgepackten Produktionen ist der Instrumental HipHop von Blockhead fast schon ein Anachronismus. Aber was fu?r einer! Blockhead la?sst mit seinem organischen Groove und den liebevoll verarbeiteten Samples Kopfkino entstehen. Innovativ, vielseitig einsetzbar und auf subtile Art und Weise tanzbar kommt Blockheads neues Album „Funeral Balloons” daher. Endlich ist der New Yorker Ausnahmeproduzent zuru?ck und stellt die Platte, die bei Backwoodz erscheint, in Berlin vor. Sein letzter Gig im Berliner Yaam war schon gesteckt voll und auch fu?r die Show im Urban Spree empfehlen wir ausdru?cklich sich fru?hzeitig Tickets zu sichern. Denn der u?berschwappende Untergrund des Instrumental HipHop von Blockhead macht dem EDM fette Konkurrenz!

Ryoichi Kurokawa & Novi_sad, Pierce Warnecke & Frank Bretschneider
14.10.17 Past Show

Sirens: Ryoichi Kurokawa & Novi_sad (Berlin premier)

Ryoichi Kurokawa & Novi_sad collaborate to create Sirens, an impressive body of work comprising five audiovisual pieces which explore the aesthetics of data. Sirens is a collection of digitally rendered visual formations and sound compositions, whose intensity fluctuates as in relation to the unfolding of the economic downturn. Tied to the fate of the global markets, the more the economy fails (as represented by data and, indexes); the more developed and complex the coupled sounds and visual sequences become. Any disintegration of financial fortunes leads directly to the emergence of a greater creative energy in an inverse ‘tug-of-war’.

Sirens elucidates the relationship between generative visualisation and cinematic practices, as this computer generated video work transforms our understanding of the relationship between moving image, data and the cinematic. By immersing the spectator in an audiovisual scape and narrative, the work heightens the performativity of processes, be they ‘technological’ or ‘natural’. The title of the work is inspired by the Greek mythological creatures that seduce sailors ashore into danger, as a metaphor for market fervour leading to economic collapse.

Approximate Accuracy: Pierce Warnecke & Frank Bretschneider (world premier)

Approximate Accuracy is a hybrid audio-visual performance which borrows from modular audio and video synthesis techniques, adapting them with contemporary digital tools. The audio uses custom Nord Modular patches manipulated live; the imagery is based on digital emulations of modular video synthesis fed into 3D software and tightly synchronized to the experimental electronic music. Realtime interaction between sound and video creates overlapping layers of dynamic patterns resulting in complex synesthetic moirés.

The open system allows for improvisation while at the same time staying close to the aesthetics of sound and video synthesis, and as such is an immersive performance that explores that many possible mutations of simple pattern-based systems. Approximate Accuracy is a homage to the masterpieces of early electronic music and video synthesis, combining them with modern approaches of audiovisual performance as a continuation of the visual music tradition.

05.10.17 Past Show
Noize Fabrik

NOVAA & LO – LIGHTS is the new collaboration project from future wave songstress/producer NOVAA and producer/songwriter LO. In 2015, they started writing and producing songs together. Due to their high song output, the initial idea of an EP soon developed into the vision of releasing a full length album which finally found the perfect partner with Majestic records in 2017.

The Album Sound ranges from soothing bass hymns a la FKA twigs, playful Björk-esque soundscapes to more housey tunes, that you could also find on the newest Diplo or AlunaGeorge record. NOVAAs extraordinary vocal performance and creative approach on both singing and producing and LO ?s powerful production work paired with his unique songwriting skills blend together perfectly: LIGHTS is an album album, a strong LP, with an own sound and no fillers or b-sides… The only well chosen features on the album are Fifi Rong (Skepta – Konnichiwa) and Miami based Alt-RnB crooner Austin Paul (Pharell: „The Future!“)

NOAH KLEIN – The unpolished sound of Noah Klein’s latest release captures elements from his time in London and Berlin. Born of the same sub-culture but all-together a different experience, it is a direct counter-point to the fast paced beats of techno. The outlandish and almost cosmic sounds are driven by offbeat baseline and dreamlike synthesizers.


Alessandro Cortini, Hypoxia, Richard Devine, Surachai
05.10.17 Past Show

Heute gastiert das BL_K NOISE-Label mit einem multimedialen Konzert-Showcase im Berghain. Hardware- und Modular-Synths, diverse Drum-Machines und Projektoren gehören für das amerikanische Label zur technischen Grundausstattung und sollen das Publikum auf audio-visueller Ebene erreichen. Die Gründer Surachai und Hypoxia (alias Drumcell), die ihre Show das erste Mal außerhalb der USA veranstalten, arbeiten ausschließlich mit Künstlern zusammen, die sich auf elektronische Musik als Performance spezialisiert und eine Affinität zu diversen Sound-Geräten haben. Alessandro Cortini, ehemaliges Mitglied der Nine Inch Nails, entwickelte im Laufe seiner Dekaden-fassenden Karriere eine große Obsession für Buchla Synthesizer und Modularsysteme. Das Spektrum des Italieners reicht von experimentellen Umgebungsgeräuschen bis hin zu markanten Technotracks. Neben Surachai, einem großen Liebhaber musikalischer Verzerrungen, Oszillatoren und perfekt synchronisierten Bildern, wird auch Richard Devine heute Abend zu sehen sein. Das Sound-Design-Talent strukturierte seine Live-Sets komplett neu, nachdem auch er den Modular-Synthesizer für sich entdeckt hat. Devine beeindruckt immer wieder durch seine technische Geschicklichkeit sowie Professionalität. Mit den Jahren sammelte er eine riesige Reihe an Klängen an, die unter anderem Breackneck-Beats oder auch wunderschöne Ambient-Pads beinhalten. Bevor sich Hypoxia mit der Rave-Szene Los Angeles’ in den frühen Neunzigern beschäftigte, bewegte sich Moe Espinosa zwischen Noise, Punk und Industrial, war sogar Sänger in einigen Bands. Über seine Faszination für elektronische Musik fanden auch Buchla- und Eurorack-Systeme den Weg zu Hypoxia. Seine sensorischen Live-Sets bewegen sich zwischen melodischen Arrangements und gewaltig abgerundeten Bässen, in denen immer noch gewisse Noise- und Industrial-Einflüsse zu hören sind.

William Basinski, Marta Zapparoli, Giovanni Verga
15.11.17 Past Show
Acud Macht Neu

William Basinski is an American artist, best known for his four-volume album The Disintegration Loops (2002–2003), constructed from rapidly decaying twenty-year-old tapes of his earlier music.

A classically trained clarinetist, he studied jazz saxophone and composition at North Texas State University in the late 1970s. In 1978, inspired by minimalists such as Steve Reich and Brian Eno,[3] he began developing his own vocabulary using tape loops and old reel-to-reel tape decks. He developed his meditative, melancholy style experimenting with short looped melodies played against themselves creating feedback loops.[citation needed] His first release was Shortwavemusic. Although created in 1983, it was first released on vinyl in a small edition in 1998 by Carsten Nicolai’s Raster-Noton label. This was followed by Watermusic, self-released in 2000 on Basinski’s 2062 Records. Another 2-disc work was Variations: A Movement in Chrome Primitive, 1980: it was finally released in 2004 by David Tibet on the Durtro/Die Stadt label. At the time this work was created, Basinski was experimenting with compositions for piano and tape loops.

Throughout the 1980s, Basinski created a vast archive of experimental works using tape loop and delay systems, found sounds, and shortwave radio static. He was a member of many bands including Gretchen Langheld Ensemble and House Afire. In 1989, he opened his own performance space, “Arcadia” at 118 N. 11th Street.[4] In the 1990s, he performed and produced records and intimate underground shows there for various NYC artists including Antony, Diamanda Galás, Rasputina, The Murmurs, and his own ad-hoc experimental electronic/improvisation band, Life on Mars.[citation needed] In 2000, he made a film titled Fountain with artists James Elaine and Roger Justice.

Depaart + DJ sets
16.09.17 Past Show
Kater Blau

It is the value that, probably, is more likely to be missing in the
surrounding electronic music scene. Selling, selling and selling are not differential factors anymore. Come on, the one who sells more is not a better artist.

From this premise we started last summer when we left one of the multiple existential crises that every music producer deals with. The concepts, the quality, the work: everything could and should be an issue.

Making music, organising parties and mixing both concepts are not, today’s differential elements. We began to feel that we were in the comfort zone. And we have not come this far to get to the end of this long race, not even in the middle of it.

What if we write a record all together and we play it live? This has been done since the radio gave voice to the music, nothing new around here. But then, why not every one does it? Those who came from a live music background were used to rehearsing, practicing to perfection, we need train ourselves. Also accustomed to carry all the gear, sound checks until getting the best in each occasion, to the heat of a human interpretation of the music.

Therefore, we enter to a studio marathon to compose and produce all the music together, and thus, we began to give birth to our future album as a band. After intense months of work, we have captured more than an hour of completely new material, with our concerns, personalities and diverse styles of four minds who want to make the most of the most authentic and experimental meaning of the word ‘live’.

That said, Depaart Live is born, a concept where we want to make the public feel that electronic music also has a dynamic and real live. A show where the artist risks, conveying to the public that what is being cooked on top of that stage is completely unique and will not sound the same the next time.

We are Traaped.

A Happening.
04.11.17 Past Show

A Happening … steps outside Berlin’s concert routine to create a day full of attentiveness and collaboration. Sight specific shows in acoustical and historical treasures, tempered with a line-up worthy of a festival stage, A Happening … will showcase the relationship between artist and architecture, space and sound, audience and musician. In an oft-changing city, A Happening … provides the opportunity to be in and appreciate the now, while witnessing some of the finest experimental, ambient, and classical musicians collaborate with each other and the space.

Kenichi and the Sun

… is composer, producer and visual artist Katrin Hahner who has released three critically acclaimed albums under the moniker MISS KENICHI. She is momentarily residing in Reykjavik to work as musical director for Thorleifur Orn Arnasson ?s new piece God Bless Iceland which will be premiered Oct 20th. In an attempt to unite all her creative endeavors, which also include art/sound performance, sound installation and live improvisation under one name she chose KENICHI as centerpiece. KENICHI is the dark and luminous universe in which many different suns get to shine. For A HAPPENING she will invite Earl Harvin (drums) and Stell Veloce (cello) to share the stage with her and create an iridescent soundscape. Three suns illuminating a one time only happening.


… ’s Alex Neerman was once the drummer of anarcho-art-punk band The Intima back in the early 2000’s. After that group’s demise he found a new outlet for his percussive mind building drum machines + synthesizers. Over the last 4 or 5 years he has refined his craft and emerged as one of Cascadia’s finest hardware techno producers, providing “off-center dance music that throws off all sorts of wonky textures while still delivering crushing grooves that make you feel indestructible.


Jawad Nawfal aka Munma, a mainstay of Beirut’s prolific electronic scene of the 2000’s, started collaborating with producer/sound engineer/multi-instrumentalist Fadi Tabbal in 2015, on the occasion of the release concert of the former’s album “Three Voices”, in Beirut. Unable to re-create the intricate layering of voices, vocal samples and ambient electronics showcased on the album, he decided to focus instead on creating a common vocabulary with Tabbal’s electric guitar and baffling pedal-work. The result was (and is) a brilliant and tense amalgam of ambient soundscapes, liquid beats and modulated electric drones, situated at the junction of the two artists’ solo works.


… is a multi-instrumentalist and composer based in Portland, Oregon. His album Travelogue was released earlier this year on Beacon Sound.


… aka Lau Nau is one of the more interesting names in the Finnish music scene – a singer-songwriter, producer and film music composer. Her songs are imbued with a cinematic breadth of vision and her idiosyncratic, finely honed soundworld builds on fragile, spectral otherness. She uses both acoustic and electronic instruments and field recordings to create soundscapes, combining every- thing from analogue synthesizers to found objects and her own voice. Since her debut album “Kuutarha” was released in USA (Locust music 2005), she has been playing concerts around the world. Her fifth album “Poseidon” is to be released in the fall 2017 by Fonal records (Finland) and Beacon Sound (USA).


… is a collaborative performance between experimental electronic musician Nicolai Johansen (dk/local) and biologist, photographer and design-thinker Wilhelm Rinke. The performance looks into relations between natural and synthetic, and seeks to explore the structures of extraction within both visual and auditive representation.

Tatu Rönkkö

… is a Finnish percussionist and drummer who is working widely in the field of experimental music and sound art. One of Rönkkö’s focus points is exploring the use of everyday objects as musical instruments and performing in spaces and settings where the borderline between artist and audience is blurred. At A Happening Rönkkö is performing an ambient solo concert with a cymbal, Finnish vintage bowls and electronics. Tatu Rönkkö has been performing and recording with internationally acclaimed artists and bands such as LIIMA (FI/DK), Efterklang (DK), Nils Frahm (DE), David Moss (US), Islaja (FI), K-X-P and Raoul Björkenheim. In his performative concert series ”I Play Your Kitchen” Rönkkö performed in people’s kitchens around the world using only the kitchen ware found in each home as instruments.


… was born in the late 80s, was approximately 7 years old when trance and electronic dance music first hit the mainstream and so (for obvious reasons) it completely passed him by. He instead developed an interest in classical music through his teenage years and went on to study the the great American minimalist composers at university. Then TÆR relocated to Berlin where – despite being repeatedly turned away from Berghain – he discovered electronic music. 20 years late to the party (and unable to afford an original TR-909 due to inflating rent prices) TÆR set up a studio in an abandoned warehouse and began exploring the common ground between traditional minimalist classical music, and the golden years of electronic dance music.

+ DJ Set by Old Speak


Le Prince Harry, Otto Von, Schirach
18.10.17 Past Show
Urban Spree

LE PRINCE HARRY duo from Liege (Belgium) aka ToxCity delivers Weird Garage Wave / Electro Synth Punk direct and incisive. The mix of distorted analog synths, bass edged, beats double quaver, stinging guitar and disturbed voice causes epileptic trances, renversage of beer and decerebrations irremediable.

29.09.17 Past Show

Parallax‹ is the meeting-point of two distinct musical traditions. The Deutsches Symphonie-Orchester Berlin (DSO Berlin) has for over sshowy years devoted itself to the world-class presentation and recontextualisation of modern and contemporary classical music. Berlin Atonal has become one of Europe’s main platforms for hosting artists working at the forefront of 21st century compositional and sound-making practices. Taking place at Atonal’s homebase in Kraftwerk Berlin, ›Parallax‹ intends not just to bridge two musical geographies, but also to sketch out a new model for how these different traditions can mutually enlighten and stimulate one another. ›Parallax‹ has assembled a wide ranging programme of orchestral music from the baroque era to modern micropolyphony, and invited four of contemporary electronic music’s most interesting producers to compose with, against and amongst these pieces. Sophie Schnell a.k.a PYUR collaborates with Valerio Tricoli to compose a piece in response to, and performed after, Charles Ives’ seminal ›The Unanswered Question‹. Subtext’s Paul Jebanasam will peform ›Cyc?omorphia‹, a new piece for electronics and strings in conversation with György Ligeti’s ›Atmosphères‹. Finally, the celebrated Moritz von Oswald performs, with the orchestra under its Music Director Robin Ticciati, ›Reminiscenza‹, a new piece based around a reading of Debussy’s ›La mer‹.



1. Berio – Sequenza II – for Solo Harp
2. Ives – The Unanswered Question
3. Valerio Tricoli and PYUR (Official) – The Answer Unquestioned

4. Bach – Violinkonzert E-Dur
5. Ligeti – Atmosphères
6. Paul Jebanasam – Cyc??morphia

7. Debussy – La mer
8. Moritz von Oswald – Reminiscenza

20.09.17 Past Show
Kantine am Berghain

Den Titel „The Age Of Anxiety“ leiht sich das Debütalbum von Pixx aus einem Notizbuch, das sie von ihrem Bruder Luke bekommen hat. Es ist der Titel von W.H. Audens finalen Gedicht, das die Suche eines Mannes nach Substanz und Identität in einer sich stetig ändernden und immer mehr industrialisierten Welt beschreibt. Veröffentlicht in 1947, erscheinen Audens Gedanken über die menschliche Isolation in der modernen Zeit passend als Titel. So wie sich Pixx selbst anscheinend außerhalb positioniert und von ihrem Blickwinkel aus versucht eine Generation anzusprechen, die sich immer mehr in einer stetig wandelten digitalen Welt zu verlieren droht.

Pixx ist dabei das musikalische Alter Ego von Hannah Rogers aus Chipstead – einem Ort im Süden Londons, an der Grenze zwischen Vorort und ländlicher Idylle. In eine Musik-liebende Familie geboren und inspiriert von der riesigen Plattensammlung ihres Vaters, wurde sie schon in jungen Jahren ermutigt ihre kreative Ader auszuleben und ihr Talent blieb nicht unentdeckt. Schon im Alter von 16 Jahren schrieb sie sich mit den ersten eigenen Songs an der renommierten The BRIT School ein, an der schon Künstler wie Adele, Amy Winehouse und King Krule zuvor die Schulbank gedrückt hatten. Erst nach dem Abschluss begann Hannah darüber nachzudenken ihre Musik auch zu veröffentlichen. Inspiriert von Künstlern wie Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell und Aphex Twin, arbeitet Hannah alleine an ihren Stücken, die sie unter dem Spitznamen ihrer Großmutter, Pixx, veröffentlicht.

Nachdem sie mit 4AD ein Label-Zuhause fand, veröffentlichte Pixx mit 19 ihre erste EP „Fall In“ in 2015. Bestehend aus vier Folk-Songs, durchsetzt von Rodgers ganz eigenem, sehr persönlichem Songwriting über Herzschmerz und Selbstbeobachtung wurde die EP von Kritikern wie der Sunday Times („One oft he most arresting debuts oft he year“) gefeiert und brachte Pixx Slots auf dem Glastonbury und dem Latitude Festival ein, sowie im Vorprogramm von Acts wie Daughter, Glass Animals oder Lush!

Rabih Beain,Tara Transitory (aka One Man Nation), group A
27.09.17 Past Show

Tara Transitory, Rabih Beaini, and group A each find their own approaches to exploring the transformatory power sound – from Tara’s powerful body-oriented, gender-obliterating performance blasts, Rabih’s hypnotic sound rituals that shed their gaze on (often overlooked) voices in the avant-garde and outernational music scenes, and group A’s DJ selections spanning avant-synth, industrial and south-asian recordings. Close CTM collaborators, they appear together in this first of two CTM 2018 festival prelude shows.
Tara Transitory aka One Man Nation embraces performance as an “explicit expression against the prefabrication of culture.” Living and working nomadically between her native Asia and Europe, Tara refuses to commit to identification either with particular nation states or with the firm boundaries of the ‘nations’ that are gender, identity, and musical tradition. Performance in general, and Tara’s generation of noise specifically, are means by which to create a simultaneously body-oriented and, by virtue of an obliteration of gender boundaries, body-transcending aural experience. Her music employs field recordings and sounds from a midi controller and 64-button monomer. In most performances she also places self-built piezo contact microphones on the furniture in the performance space as well as on the instruments themselves, so that the system picks up sounds including fader and knob movements, button-pressing, and physical motion from both Tara and the audience.
Lebanese-born producer and DJ Rabih Beaini first came to prominence for his work under the Morphosis moniker, crafting away in the nether-regions of the techno underworld since the 90s. Founded in 2005, his Morphine label, has continued to put forward an equally forward-thinking selection of techno from the likes of Madteo, Hieroglyphic Being, Sote, and Anthony “Shake” Shakir, plus an expansion into experimental electronics with recent releases from artists such as Pauline Oliveros, Senyawa and Pierre Bastien. Beaini’s own productions reflect a genuine musical ability and a range of influences from krautrock to new wave to middle eastern music. These influences also find their way into Beani’s productions with the Upperground Orchestra, a multi-headed improvisational ensemble that explores the terrain between electronica, techno, and improvisational jazz.
When Japanese duo group A was formed in 2012 by Tommi Tokyo (synthesizer, vocals, percussion) and Sayaka Botanic (violin, synthesizer, cassette tapes), their shows came as a shock to most spectators. While their mixture of synth heavy minimal wave, avant noise, striking visuals and performance art carried the very breath of early industrial pioneers such as Throbbing Gristle or Cabaret Voltaire, the duo has since evolved into a beast of its own. Their self-produced 1st album, A, was released in 2012 and was featured in magazines such as NYLON Japan and Vice. Since then the duo has release two more acclaimed albums, shared bills with artists such as Acid Mother Temple, Merzbow, and Nisennenmondai, and immersed themselves into Berlin’s music community.

19.10.17 Past Show
Prince Charles

ÄTNA is minimalism combined with the puristic sound of a piano and bright and bizarre electronics. All by hand. Right at the spot.

They both met in Dresden where they started to work having a similar but not too similar taste in what they do and like. Inéz loves Minimalism and the puristic sound of a piano while Demian loves loves to mess it up. It is always sung songs and beaten beats enhanced by bright and bizarre electronic sounds. Like their sisters & brothers in the stone age they like to do it all by hand. Right at the spot.

Kantine am Berghain

Cross genre groove, spanning from broken hip-hop to more electronic and jazz influenced future funk.

STUFF. is a 5 piece live band that brings a cross genre groove, spanning from broken hip-hop to more electronic and jazz influenced future funk. They defy easy categorisation. Writing for Jazz Standard, Tina Edward said ‘If an energy drink could make music, it would sound like STUFF.‘, a description that does more to describe their sound than established genre tags. Utilising lesser-used instruments like the wind synth, alongside the familiar array of drums and electric bass, synthesizers and turntables, they’re able scatter rhythms, melodies and electronic effects across their canvas with a Pollock-like abandon, creating music that while heavy in groove has great depth and intrigue.

They released their self-titled debut album March 2015 to critical acclaim and embarked on a sold out club tour in Benelux, Germany, UK and Ireland short after.

Several tracks of their debut gained airplay on UK stations BBC6 and BBC1 as well as Belgian nationwide stations StuBru & Radio 1. They kept on touring with the album till the end of 2016 and played nearly 150 shows throughout Europe on very divers stages, showing their eclectic style: renowned jazzfestivals like North Sea Jazz Festival (Nl), Elbjazz Hamburg (De) and Gent Jazz (Be); alternative festivals like Lowlands (Nl), Pukkelpop (Be), Dour Festival (Be) and Shambala festival (UK); urban/hiphop festivals like Couleur Café (Brussels) and Les Ardentes (Liège) and electronic festivals like Dimensions (Pula) and Fusion (Lärz Germany).

At the end of 2015 the band was mentioned in several end of the year lists and the group got numerous music prices in the home country for best album of the year, best live, breakthrough of the year, best artwork. 2016 brought more clubshows in Europe, a new show with all new music called Hybrid Love and the recording and mixing of the new album ‘old dreams new planets’ released April 2017. This latest album got again raving reactions and topped the charts in their home country Belgium. Quite crazy considering this is instrumental music with virtually no airplay.

Eric Car, Field Rotation, Subheim, Monolog // Mads Lindgren
15.09.17 Past Show
Kantine am Berghain

Once 2017’s festival season is over and Berlin’s trees have shed their autumn leaves, the time for Traurig und Untanzbar has come – an evening celebrating the joy of dark ambient music and its transition from melancholy to wrath and chaos in the course of just four live concerts. Because to us, this music is everything but sad and impossible to dance to. It’s the pinnacle of joy!

Eric Carl’s drone-based, organic ambient experimentations will kick it off – followed by Fields Rotation’s journey through a more melancholic palette of sounds, a perfect fusion between neoclassical and electronic. Then Subheim takes over to introduce us to darker territory – a vast void of slow, broken beats and haunting melodies. The evening is then closing off with Monolog / Mads Lindgren who will teach us a lesson in aural madness.

30.09.17 Past Show

Academie play their debut European show!

Building on their success with their debut single Sulphur, Jean-Louise and Alex Parker of Academie have launched their first EP entitled Volumes. Joined by anything from sax to a brass section to a full choir at live shows, the wife and husband duo from Johannesburg, South Africa, known for their performances with the bands Dear Reader (Jean-Louise) and ISO (Alex), take their audience on a sensitive but exciting journey with a live show that really packs a punch. Jean-Louise transports listeners with her ethereal and haunting vocals and vocoder effects while Alex, on drums and synthesizers, delivers a meditative electronic back-beat. Jean-Louise on viola and electric guitar contributes to a sombre tone cut through with occasional displaced abstract infusions from the sax. Exciting rhythmic and melodic variations lend this stylistically eclectic band an anthemic quality.

The incredible Cherilyn Macneil of Dear Reader will also be performing some songs.

Boy Harsher, Bestial Mouths, S S S S, Ian P. Christ
17.11.17 Past Show
Urban Spree

BOY HARSHER is a dark electronic duo that produces gritty dance beats infused with ethereal vocals, creating a sound that is eerie, intense and incredibly danceable. Augustus Muller develops the underbelly of sound with minimal beats and grinding synths, where Jae Matthews whispers, screams and chants on top. Together, the music created is somewhere between industrial, drone and confessional storytelling. Muller and Matthews both have a strong background in film and their cinematic approach translates effectively in both their recordings and live performance.

Boy Harsher started in early 2013 under the name Teen Dreamz. The project was based on short stories written and read by Matthews then live scored by Muller. As the project matured the instrumentals became more dance influenced and Matthews’ delivery became more dynamic and spontaneous. In January of 2014 Teen Dreamz took on the moniker Boy Harsher.

Yr Body is Nothing, Boy Harsher’s debut LP, was released by Atlanta’s DKA Records in June of 2016. The LP has been described as a “darkly beautiful and very emotional new record” by Gorilla Vs. Bear and as “highly danceable fantasy narratives of desire and nuanced discomfort” by Decoder Magazine. The album was recorded at home in Northampton, Massachusetts with additional recording and final mixing done at Dollhouse Studios by Peter Mavrogeorgis. The first pressing quickly sold out and a 2nd pressing was released January 2017 ahead of Boy Harsher’s US tour.

Their first EP was mostly recorded at home in Savannah using small collection of cheap synthesizers. These recordings were fleshed out in the studio under the guidance of veteran engineer and producer Peter Mavrogeorgis at Dollhouse Studios. After a short, but productive mixing and mastering session Boy Harsher completed their EP Lesser Man. Lesser Man was originally released by Savannah’s Soft Science on small run cassette. St. Paul’s Night People re-released Lesser Man in April.

Actress, The Field, Photay
18.11.17 Past Show

Born in Wolverhampton, UK, Actress, aka Darren J. Cunningham, has in the last 5 years of running the Werkdiscs label set himself apart as one of the hottest A&R scouts within his field, having discovered and released some of the most widely talked about artists of the emerging bass generation, namely Disrupt, Zomby, Lukid and Starkey.

As Actress he produced the exceptional “Hazyville LP” drawing cries for a Mercury Award Nomination. He’s remixed Various Production, written for the seminal techno imprint Soma Records and has released ‘Splazsh’ and more recently the ‘R.I.P’ album on Honest Jons, the British independent record label created and founded by Damon Albarn, of whose DRC Music Collective Actress he played a part.

Actress has starred in a unique cinematic portrait filmed by Pierre Debusschere as well as performing stunning live shows at Sonar Tokyo and Barcelona, Berghain, the Turbine Hall in the Tate Modern (collaborating with visual artists Yayoi Kusama and Agnes Martin), Fabric London and DJ’d alongside the likes of Atoms For Peace, Juan Atkins, UR, Modeselektor, Radioactive Man, Dabrye, Kode 9 and Flying Lotus. DJ sets are variable depending on the night and mood, but generally programmed to suit afro-futuristic sounds of all persuasions.

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, Jan Jelinek

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith’s formative years were spent communing with nature on Orcas Island in the northwest region of Washington state, a place she describes as “one of the most magical and peaceful places I have ever been.” Jan Jelinek is a German electronic musician who also operates under the names of Farben, Gramm and The Exposures. His music is usually categorized as minimal techno, glitch or microhouse, and is characterized by deep basslines, extensive use of samples from earlier jazz and rock recordings, and clicks & cuts effects. He is the founder of the German record label Faitiche

Slow Magic
28.09.17 Past Show

„Slow Magic ist der Sound von einem unbekannten imaginären Freund“, so lautet die Künstlerbeschreibung auf der Homepage. Der Kalifornier verbirgt sich unter einer bunten Zebramaske, pumpt innovative Pop-Hooks und ist für seine ekstatische Live-Show bekannt. Wer die Aktivitäten des Produzenten aufmerksam verfolgt, dürfte langsam aber sicher das Gefühl bekommen, dass der unermüdliche Live-Act in den letzten Jahren so ziemlich jede größere Stadt hier und jenseits des großen Teichs besucht hat. Höchste Zeit also, dass auch Berlin mal wieder an der Reihe ist.

Seit fünf Jahren geistert Slow Magic durch das Internet und begeistert mit einem erfrischenden Mix aus Electronica, Dream-Pop, Chillwave, Minimal und Folktronica. Ohne Genre-Schubladen zu verwenden, könnte man allerdings auch sagen, dass hier kantige elektronische Texturen mit epischen Pop-Flow mit zuckersüßen Synthesizer-Einlagen um die Wette strahlen. Das ist mehr Pop als Elektronik und fast durchwegs angenehm kitschig, aber immer spielerisch leicht. Dabei fehlen auch nie die dynamischen Downtempo-Beats.

Mit seiner fantastischen Debüt-Single „Sorry Safari“ hat er uns sofort in den Bann seiner magischen Klänge gezogen, und mit seinem von der Blogsphere höchst gefeierten Debüt-Album „Triangle“ lieferte Slow Magic uns 2012 auch noch eines der wichtigsten Sommer-Alben. Diese kleine, feine Platte hat gar nicht mal so sensationell viel Staub aufgewirbelt, eher ist es die Langzeitwirkung und die Nachhaltigkeit ihrer Stimmung und ihrer Aura, die den aufmerksamen Zuhörer jubeln lässt. Diesen sonnendurchfluteten, futuristischen, mit positiver Kraft aufgeladenen, leicht swingenden und eskapistischen Elektropop sollte man echt genießen.

All seine sommerlich inszenierten Videoclips wurden inzwischen hunderttausendfach angeklickt. Und wenn man so das Video zu „Feel Flows“ betrachtet, muss man anerkennen, dass die Nähe zu Gold Panda – den er mal auf Tour begleitet hat – nicht allzu weit hergeholt ist. Das zweite Album „How To Run Away” (2014) via Downtown Records ist im Vergleich zum Debüt etwas weniger verträumt, dafür etwas clubtauglicher. Geblieben ist dabei die großartige klangliche Nähe zu allem, was unsereins zum Sommer einfällt. Tiefe Bässe, gepitchte und gecuttete Vocals, verträumte Synthie-Sounds und zielstrebig stampfende Beats – da tanzt das Herz.

Im Mai 2017 erschien nun die aktuelle Single „Mind” (feat. Kate Boy), die ein Vorgeschmack auf das neue Album ist, das uns Slow Magic heute live im Gretchen präsentieren wird. Mit Triggerpads und Standtoms im Gepäck verspricht er eine verträumte und zugleich beatlastige Show der Extraklasse.

Coals, Klinkhammer
21.10.17 Past Show
Bei Ruth

Coals is young duo from Poland under the leadership of Katarzyna Kowalczyk and ?ukasz Rozmys?owski. The name of the band is connected with the region they come from – Silesia which is famous for coal mines. They started playing music in September 2014. They quickly made theirselves liked by listeners due to the home-recorded songs they published on the Internet. An exclusive British magazine “The Quietus” about Coals: “The somewhat creamy quality of Coals’ music is an experience akin to being wrapped up in cotton wool and sailing away on ebb tides of unperturbed bliss. It could well be down to the silky smooth voice of vocalist Katarzyna Kowalczyk or possibly the multi-instrumentation of ?ukasz Rozmys?owski but the net result is gorgeously lush music that increases the anticipation of their yet-to-be released debut album.”

Coals are inspired by artists such as Spooky Black, Soap&Skin, Dean Blunt and Sigur Ros. The band have played quite a lot of concerts in Poland and abroad (Iceland Airwaves, Positivus Festival, Reeperbahn Festival, LOFTAS, Tune In Tel Aviv, BUSH Budapest) and they have the support of Icelandic bands (Rokkurro, Myrra Ros) to their credit. They performed on 10th edition of Off Festival which is one of the most important music festivals in the world according to Pitchfork. They also played for popular American radio station KEXP (twice, during the Off Festival and the Iceland Airwaves) and their composition „Weightless” was „KEXP Song of the day” in September of 2015. They recently recorded a song called “Rave03’” which is the first single from an upcoming album (release sometime in 2017) about childhood.

DJ Shadow
17.09.17 Past Show

DJ. Produzent. Plattensammler. Pionier. Der gebürtige Kalifornier Josh Davis alias DJ Shadow ist seit über zwanzig Jahren einer der innovativsten und einflussreichsten Persönlichkeiten im amerikanischem HipHop. Mit nur einer einzigen Platte machte sich Shadow für die Szene unsterblich. Sein Debütalbum „Endtroducing…..“ von 1996 gilt als ein Meilenstein des instrumentalen HipHop. Es war die erste Platte, die komplett aus Samples bestand.
Die Liste der Künstler, mit denen Shadow im Laufe seiner Karriere bereits gearbeitet hat, liest sich lang und hochkarätig: Thom Yorke (Radiohead), Richard Ashcroft (The Verve), Mike D (The Beastie Boys), Cut Chemist (Jurassic 5), Posdnuous (De La Soul), Little Dragon und viele mehr. Da ist die Feature-Wahl auf seiner aktuellen Single „Nobody Speak“ aus seinem neuen Album „The Mountain Will Fall“ (VÖ: 24.06.16 | Mass Appeal Records) auch keine Überraschung mehr: das US HipHop-Duo Run The Jewels mit den Rappern Killer Mike und El-P.
„Was dieses Album letztlich ausmacht, sind die ganzen neuen Einflüsse, die ich dafür einbezogen habe. Ich wollte mich wegbewegen von der Wahrnehmung als der ’Sample Guy’. Dies ist kein reines Sample Album“, berichtet Josh Davis über sein mittlerweile fünftes Album, auf dem auch der deutsche Pianist und Komponist Nils Frahm zu Gast ist.
Legendär sind auch die Liveperformances von DJ Shadow, einem audio-visuellen Gesamtkonzept, bei dem er seine Tracks an Turntables, Samplern und Effektgeräten live de- und re-konstruiert und das Ganze mit opulenten Visuals spektakulär umrahmt. Er ist und bleibt „the DJ’s DJ

SLEEPMAKESWAVES, The Physics House Band, Vasudeva
04.10.17 Past Show

Wohl mit die Könige der DIY Spheric Instrumental Metal Szene, quasi die selbst gewählt „kleingeschriebenen“ Helden des Ambient Core, wobei das in diesem Fall keine Musikrichtung betitelt sondern mehr ein Gefühl, das einen überkommt, wenn man der Band sleepmakeswaves lauscht.

Com Truise
01.11.17 Past Show

Unter dem Namen Com Truise veröffentlicht der aus New York stammende Produzent und Designer Seth Haley mit „Itineration“ nun sein bereits zweites Album. Seine Musik strotzt vor Synthesizern und Sci-Fi und ist ebenso mitreißend wie vielfältig; seine Releases vereinen Synth-Wave und Slow-Motion-Funk mit einem gewissen nostalgischen Pathos und definieren somit den einzigartigen Sound von Com Truise. “Für mich fühlt es sich an wie eine Veränderung”, schreibt er über sein neues Album, und Ja da kann man nur zustimmen, denn auf ‘Iteration‘ befinden sich Haleys´ bis dato eingängigste und durchdachteste Werke. Anmutig scharfe Melodien treffen auf bassige Beats und veredeln seinen fast zur Perfektion getriebenen Sound. Derzeit noch mit CLARK auf großer Headline-Tour durch Nordamerika, ist er dann im Oktober/November mit seiner AV-Live show in Europa unterwegs.

25.10.17 Past Show
Huxley’s Neue Welt Huxley’s Neue Welt

Kiasmos bestehen aus Ólafur Arnalds und Janus Rasmussen. Arnalds hat in den letzten Jahren mit seiner aufregenden Mischung aus minimalistischer Klavier- und Streicher-Komposition und Elektro international einen Namen gemacht. Nach der Veröffentlichung seines Debütalbums „Eulogy For Evolution“ ging Arnalds mit Sigur Rós auf Tour. Mittlerweile arbeitet der Isländer regelmäßig mit Nils Frahm zusammen und schreibt von der Kritik gefeierte Film-Soundtracks, unter anderem für „Gimme Shelter“ und die britische Erfolgsserie „Broadchurch“. Rasmussen stammt von den Färoer-Inseln und ist Mitglied der Band Bloodgroup. Die zwei besten Freunde Arnalds und Rasmussen taten sich 2009 als Kiasmos zusammen und veröffentlichten 2012 die erste EP „Thrown“ und 2014 das Debütalbum „Kiasmos“.

Kiasmos is made up of Icelandic BAFTA – winning composer Ólafur Arnalds, known for his unique blend of minimal piano and string compositions with electronic sounds, and Janus Rasmussen from the Faroe Islands, known as the mastermind of the electro – pop outfit Bloodgroup. Based in Reykjavík, Arnalds used to work as a sound engineer, often for Rasmussen’s other projects, where the two musicians discovered their common love for minimal, experimental music. They showually became best friends, often hanging out in their studio, exploring electronic sounds.


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