Jens Lekman

Life Will See You Now

The brilliant pop lyricist from Sweden, Jens Lekman, is back with his first album in five years, Life Will See You Now. As always, Lekman is unreasonably witty while never fully letting you wash the bitter taste of melancholy out of your mouth. With the first (rather tropical feeling) single from the album, “What’s That Perfume You Wear?”, Lekman recalls the scent of a former lover, whom he guesses he still loves.

Although this is Lekman’s first studio album since 2012 (out on Secretly Canadian), he has been busy. In 2015 Lekman wrote and produced one song per week for the entire year, the series is entitled “Postcards“.

Jens will be playing at Silent Green on April 18th, 2017.

By Nolan Parker
10 months
Release date 17.02.2017