It’s been 17 long years since we’ve seen seminal German composer Wolfgang Voigt release anything under his GAS moniker. Winter is over. On his new full-length Narkopop, Voigt doesn’t exactly leave where he left off with his 2000 ambient masterwork, Pop. Voigt has added subtle layers to this incarnation of GAS that wasn’t perceivable on his last release, Lust drones that come in and out of the frame, Eastern influences and pulses that feel like a heartbeat all swirl together to create one fluid texture.

It’s not as if Voigt has taken a break over the last 17 years. He’s continued to head the unfuckwithable electronic label Kompakt and playing the extremely rare one off show under the title GAS among his many other monikers. GAS has achieved cult status in the period between Pop and Narkopop, those in the know and who care about ambient and electronic composition as much as we do are extremely giddy about this release. The record is out on Kompakt and can be acquired wherever quality vinyl is sold.

GAS will be playing what is shaping up to be an amazing show later this year in Berlin. When: September 9th, 2017. Where: GDR Radio Headquarters turned recording studio/venue, Funkhaus Berlin.

By Nolan Parker
7 months
Release date 21.04.2017