King Woman

Created in the Image of Suffering

They’ve done it! They’ve finally done it!

King Woman has finally released their debut full length Created in the Image of Suffering on Relapse Records after waiting two years to follow up their excellent Doubt EP. The king woman of King Woman, Kristina Esfandiari, serves her low roar over a wall of doom that is at once MBV and Sleep circa Holy Mountain. Because of Created in the Image of Suffering‘s seemingly softer influences of shoegaze and country, King Woman is approachable to a wider audience but loses none of their potency when addressing a cult like religious past and a regime like political present.

King Woman is gracing Berlin with their presence on April 11th as the tour mates of True Widow at Musik & Frieden.

By Nolan Parker
10 months
Release date 24.02.2017