Forest Swords


Hot on tail of his remixes for Björk’s ‘Stonemilker’ and ANOHNI’s ‘Four Degrees’, Forest Swords, aka Matthew Barnes, releases his second full length, Compassion. With Compassion, Barnes takes a step in the more natural direction while maintaining what made his 2013 Engravings so special.

The techno, world and trance elements are still felt but the harder, more abrasive electronics of Engravings have softened to embrace a more delicate compositional feel on Compassion. What was left wanting (which wasn’t a lot) after the last Forest Swords release is found in abundance in the 2017 iteration of the project. Live instrumentation is key here. The intro of the first single ‘Panic’ and the entirety of ‘Knife Edge’ feel as though they could be apart of a Dario Argento film score. Melancholy and building tension abound.

Compassion is out on the inimitable UK record label, Ninja Tune. You can catch Forest Swords at Berghain on September 26th along with Blanck Mass and EMA. Truly a night not to be missed.

By Nolan Parker
7 months
Release date 05.05.2017