Chalice Hymnal

The members of Grails have been around the block, both with Grails and with other projects (Om, Lilacs & Champagne, Holy Sons), and bring that solid foundation to the table when recording their new album Chalice Hymnal. On this, their sshowh proper LP, you feel that the Portland, OR group has been around the world, seeing things through smoke blurred lenses while listening to everything from Bollywood and porn soundtracks from the 60s and 70s to hip hop and classical scores. A record that can suite any current mood or can be used to transport you where you want to go.

The new album, out on Temporary Residence, will be backed by a European tour in March with Grails hitting Berlin on March 19th at Musik & Frieden with Majeure.

By Nolan Parker
10 months
Release date 17.02.2017