Carla dal Forno

You Know What It’s Like

On her solo album debut, You Know What It’s Like, Berlin resident Carla dal Forno occupies a curious space between minimal pop and experimental electronics. Each song builds on itself while building on the song before it, lending an eerie yet familiar haze to an album that seems to have been recorded to listen to while walking alone on a crisp Berlin night in autumn. As if challenging its listeners, one of the album’s first singles is cuttingly titled ‘What You Gonna Do Now?’, beckoning its audience to occupy a (head)space dal Forno has created for us.

You Know What It’s Like is out on one of Schmutz’s most beloved labels, Blackest Ever Black, formerly holding court in both Berlin and London, but recently moving all operations to London.


By Nolan Parker
12 months
Release date 28.10.2016