Bing & Ruth

No Home of the Mind

On his first album for 4AD, Bing & Ruth mastermind, David Moore moves forward with his minimal compositions on No Home of the Mind. On first listen it would not be hard to comfortably place No Home of the Mind in the genres of classical or piano music and leave it there. But after several sittings with the album you start to pick out drones that you hadn’t noticed before, or the processed tapes that might seem more akin to Grouper than Philip Glass.

When Bing & Ruth played Acud Macht Neu last year the setting was perfect: intimate venue, small crowd, pillows on the floor, the tone was set. As the musicians on the stage drifted forward with their set, all eyes were on Moore, leaving the crowd with the notion that he was incomplete control of the compositions without having to give anything away, this is how No Home of the Mind feels.

Bing & Ruth will be playing the Grüner Salon on May 21st.

By Nolan Parker
10 months
Release date 17.02.2017