With her third studio album Margaret Chardiet, a.k.a. Pharmakon, holds nothing back physically or electronically. Her new album Contact expresses a bizarre truth held between the pure physicality of Chardiet’s voice (screams, cries, yells, whispers) that achieves relatable abrasiveness and the harsh angles and atmospheres she breathes into her electronic soundscapes. The aptly named Contact is the meeting ground of two differently created worlds that are fighting to get to the same point.

Chardiet has always featured herself on the covers of her albums with literal visual translations of the album titles and philosophies. Contact is no different. Before you put the record on, you have an idea of what you’ll be getting yourself into. A sea of hands that might have a combination of sweat, saliva and tears on them grope Chardiet’s face as she takes a finger into her mouth out of self defense or curiosity.

As with her last two albums, Abandon and Beastial Burden, Chardiet has released the latest Pharmakon LP on a Schmutz favorite, New York’s Sacred Bones Records. Pharmakon will be bringing her sounds to Berlin on the 22nd of April, 2017 to the intimate venue Ausland.

Check out the extremely physical music video for the album’s fifth track, Somatic, below:

By Nolan Parker
8 months
Release date 31.03.2017